Photorefractor Device for Myopia Research

The Photorefractor is an innovative device designed to automatically measure the refractive state of the eye of small, alert laboratory animals. This unique device provides fast, objective and bias-free results and is invaluable for myopia research and pharmacology applications.

Device for Myopia Research

The Photorefractor provides a fully automated, non-invasive method to measure the refractive state in alert animals, ensuring accurate, fast, and reliable results with minimal handling and maintenance requirements. It comes with a fully integrated camera, light source, and provided analysis software, to obtain results quickly and automatically, even in moving animals.

The infrared eccentric Photorefractor, pioneered by Prof. Frank Schaeffel at the University of Tübingen in Germany, has gained global prominence in laboratories. Leveraging retinal reflection analysis of an eccentrically positioned IR light field, this cutting-edge device efficiently and automatically measures the refractive state of the eye in small laboratory animals.

Fully Automated and Non-invasive Refractive Status Assessment

This device offers a fully automated process that includes automated eye detection, analysis of pupil diameter, and analysis of refractive state, providing fast, objective, and bias-free results. The non-invasive nature of the Photorefractor means no fixation or surgery is required, allowing the animal to remain awake and alert. This feature facilitates longitudinal monitoring of disease progression, enabling repeated assessments, even on a daily basis, without compromising the animals’ well-being. Researchers can confidently replicate experiments, and validate findings, enhancing the reliability of results. 

Device for Myopia Research

The Photorefractor is also highly adaptable and is available for various animal models such as mice, rats, and guinea pigs, chickens and marmosets.

Cost-saving and Effective Myopia Research Tool

Cost-saving and effectiveness are key advantages of this system. There is no need for animal training, and no specialised training of personnel is required since the software performs the necessary analyses. Data can be obtained within a few seconds, making the process both efficient and economical.

Handling and maintenance of the Photorefractor are straightforward. It is a fully integrated system, and is ready to use upon delivery; just plug it into your computer. The device comes with a convenient storage and transport case, along with all necessary accessories, including an animal platform and a USB cable to connect to a computer.

Advancing Myopia Research

The Photorefractor is a game-changer for myopia research, advancing researchers’ understanding of eye growth mechanisms. Researchers have a powerful yet convenient and fast tool enabling them to investigate mechanisms of eye growth, interactions with other diseases, and the impact of external stimuli on myopia development. The device is also valuable in pharmacology, to evaluate myopia prevention strategies. It’s automated measurements and objective results make it indispensable for advancing research in this critical field and developing targeted interventions to mitigate myopia progression. 

Myopia research device

The Photorefractor Myopia Research Device Features

  • Fully automated process
  • Objective and fast in vivo assessment
  • Non-invasive – No fixation or surgery required
  • Available for various animal models
  • Integrated camera and light source
  • Cost-saving and effective
  • Easy set-up, handling and maintenance
  • User-friendly software package included

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