Outdoor AccessPoint for Wireless AiroSensors

The SenseAnywhere AccessPoint is a reliable, plug-and-play device designed to connect SenseAnywhere’s wireless Sensors to the SenseAnywhere Cloud service. The wireless communication between the sensors and network is fully encrypted, with two-way communication, ensuring the secure transmission of all data. Water and dustproof, the AccessPoint is ideal for outdoor use.

Reliability and Security Features of the Outdoor AccessPoint

The SenseAnywhere AccessPoint is designed to provide reliable and secure wireless communication, making it ideal for the pharmaceutical industry. The sensors automatically discover the AccessPoints at any location, and the data is transmitted to the central database. The system awaits confirmation of good reception, and once received, the message is removed from the sensor’s memory. The protocol features re-transmission attempts and duplicate packet filtering, ensuring that no events are lost. The casing is weatherproof and dustproof, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Outdoor AccessPoint with Active or Passive PoE

The SenseAnywhere Outdoor AccessPoint is now available with both active and passive Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) splitters. The active PoE allows for easy and convenient installation without the need for a separate power supply. It can be powered using an Ethernet cable, making it an excellent choice for customers with a PoE-enabled switch. Customers without a PoE-enabled switch can still use the Outdoor AccessPoint passive PoE. The Outdoor AccessPoint features a see-through LED indicator, which displays the connection and power status without the need to open the waterproof casing.

Wireless Protocol and Installation

The SenseAnywhere AccessPoint uses a wireless protocol that includes automatic service discovery and seamless roaming. This makes installation easy, and there are no limits to the number of supported data loggers. The product comes with a drilling template (sticker), plugs, and screws, which make it easy to install.

AccessPoint Active
AccessPoint Passive
AccessPoint Inside

Why Choose the Outdoor AccessPoint for Pharmaceutical Needs?

Pharmaceutical companies require reliable and secure wireless communication to ensure the safety and quality of their products in order to comply with strict regulations. The SenseAnywhere AccessPoint is equipped with advanced technology and multiple layers of security, providing the highest level of protection for your valuable pharmaceutical products. Additionally, the AccessPoint is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, providing reliable wireless communication even in unpredictable and extreme temperatures and weather conditions. With the SenseAnywhere AccessPoint, you can trust that your pharmaceutical products are being monitored with the utmost accuracy and security. Choose the SenseAnywhere AccessPoint for your pharmaceutical needs and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and reliable.

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