Weighing Isolator I Containment Isolator

The Weighing Isolator/Containment Isolator from BLOCK Technology offers a highly reliable and safe solution for working with hazardous materials. This isolator is specifically designed for personnel protection, enabling the performance of weighing, sampling, and handling of API/HAPI and other hazardous substances.

This isolator is a versatile, robust, and user-friendly device that meets the highest standards of quality and safety in the pharmaceutical industry.

Weighing Isolator I Containment Isolator

With its dual-chamber configuration and a host of advanced safety features, BLOCK Technology’s Weighing Isolator I Containment Isolator is perfectly suited for applications involving hazardous API/HAPI substances, pharmaceutical weighing, sampling, and material handling.

Advanced Isolator Design Prevents Cross-contamination and Enhances Operator Safety

The isolator consists of two chambers: an airlock with one glove for loading material and instruments, and a working chamber with three gloves for performing the tasks. The chambers are connected by sliding trays that facilitate easy material transfer. The isolator can ensure an inert atmosphere inside the chambers by using nitrogen (N2) or argon gas (Ar). This feature helps maintain the stability and integrity of sensitive materials and substances.

Notably, this Weighing Isolator I Containment Isolator has a leak tightness of Class 3 according to ISO 10648-2 classifications, ensuring the containment of hazardous materials. Moreover, it meets the “C” Class cleanliness standard of EU GMP, guaranteeing a controlled and sterile environment.

Turbulent Flow for High-efficiency Filtration

The isolator uses turbulent flow typically applied in environments classified as “C” and “D” classes of cleanliness, where the airflow direction is not explicitly specified. The air moves irregularly from the air supply inlet to the air outlet, passing through cylindrical HEPA filters H14 with an impressive filtering efficiency of 99.995%, minimising the risk of hazardous particulate release. The chamber experiences a regular exchange of clean air, ranging from 5 to 40 exchanges per hour, maintaining a controlled and purified environment.

Negative Pressure Mode Reduces Contamination Risk

The Weighing Isolator I Containment Isolator incorporates a negative pressure mode, creating a pressure cascade that ensures the highest level of negative pressure in critical areas handling dangerous substances. This feature effectively prevents the contamination of surrounding areas.

The HVAC system within the isolator enables the establishment of negative pressure inside the interior, primarily employed as a safety measure in the event of compromised leak-proofness to safeguard personnel. An additional layer of protection is achieved through a pressure cascade mechanism, where critical areas handling hazardous substances are subjected to the highest level of negative pressure. This effectively reduces the potential risk of contaminating neighbouring chambers or the surrounding environment.

To prevent equipment damage caused by inadequate pressure, a pneumatic valve is utilised. This protective feature ensures that the pressure does not drop further, thus safeguarding the technology from potential harm.

Made from High-quality Stainless Steel Materials for Durability and Easy Cleaning

The isolator is made of high-quality stainless steel materials (AISI 304 for the jacket and AISI 316L for the working chamber) that are durable, resistant, and easy to clean. The inner and outer surfaces are polished to a surface finish of Ra < 0.6 µm ensuring high corrosion resistance and smooth, cleanable surfaces. The isolator has oval holes with gloves that allow for improved material handling. The isolator also has built-in LED lights that provide sufficient illumination of at least 500 lux.

State-of-the-art Electronic Control System by Siemens Enhances Workflow Efficiency

The Weighing Isolator I Containment Isolator features a state-of-the-art electronic control system that is managed by Siemens PLC. The equipment incorporates the advanced SIMATIC control system by Siemens, combined with a convenient foot-operated switch, ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly operation. The system’s colour touchscreen displays real-time environmental parameters and monitors emergency conditions. Additionally, it offers remote access for efficient customer service support. Moreover, it allows seamless integration with an additional external device for the storage and export of production data, providing a comprehensive and adaptable solution to meet diverse operational needs.

The Siemens PLC-based control system, together with the modern touchscreen interface, simplifies operation and monitoring, enabling smooth and efficient workflow.

The Weighing Isolator / Containment Isolator from BLOCK Technology is a versatile, robust, and user-friendly device that meets the highest standards of quality and safety in the pharma industry. To learn more please complete the contact form or visit:

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