Direct COVID-19 Detection Kit without RNA Extraction

The new direct COVID-19 detection kit without RNA extraction, engineered by myPOLS Biotec, can revolutionize SARS-CoV-2 testing.

RNA extraction has become a significant bottleneck for COVID-19 diagnosis. With this in mind, the myPOLS Biotec team has engineered the Volcano3G® Direct COVID-19 Kit, which works from RNA extracts, as well as from non-extracted gargle-samples.

Direct COVID-19 Detection Kit without RNA Extraction

The CE-IVD approved direct COVID-19 detection kit enables diagnostic laboratories to simply skip the time-consuming step of RNA extraction.

The Volcano3G® Direct COVID-19 Kit is specifically designed to detect SARS-CoV2 in samples of extracted and non-extracted patient samples. The duplex assay covers SARS-CoV2 N1-gene (FAM-channel) and human RNaseP-gene (Cy5-channel) at the same time.

Accelerating COVID-19 Detection

Validating samples without the need for RNA extraction can drastically accelerate COVID-19 testing. The turnaround time is ultra-fast with a run protocol that takes only 1h on a standard PCR cycler.

This makes the Volcano3G® Direct COVID-19 Kit perfect for the screening of large cohorts whilst meeting time-sensitive deadlines.

High-quality reliable CE-IVD marked COVID-19 Detection Kit

RT-PCR primers and probes for SARS-CoV-2 detection are designed as per the CDC protocol. The Volcano3G® Direct COVID-19 Kit is available with the CE-IVD mark for shipping within the EU or for general laboratory use worldwide.

PCR Setup
Direct COVID-19 Kit IVD
The Volcano3G® Direct COVID-19 Kit IVD


  • Direct COVID-19 detection
  • No RNA extraction required
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Competitively priced
  • Available with CE-IVD mark for EU shipping
  • Worldwide shipping for general laboratory use
  • Dispatched with ice-pack packaging

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