Orano Med Partners with Biosynth to Develop New Targeting Vector for Radioligand Therapies

Orano Med, a clinical-stage biotechnology company that develops the next generation of targeted therapies against cancer using the unique properties of lead-212 ( 212 Pb), and Biosynth, a leading multinational CDMO and supplier of critical raw materials and services to the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries, combine their expertise to develop a Targeted Alpha-Emitter Therapy (TAT) against an undisclosed target.

Orano Med employs a rare alpha-emitting radioisotope, lead-212 ( 212 Pb), with short-range cell-killing capabilities and a short half-life of 11 hours as a payload attached to cancer-targeting molecules. Concentrating on areas with substantial unmet medical needs, Orano Med has identified a high-potential target differentially expressed on cancer cells and has engaged Biosynth to discover de-novo a macrocyclic or bi-bridged™ CLIPS™ peptide to specifically deliver the payload to this target.

For a powerful payload such as lead-212, delivery with high specific affinity, a rapid accumulation in tumor tissues, and rapid excretion are crucial. The constrained CLIPS™ peptide leads discovered at Biosynth using phage display technology, with the option for further optimization with non-natural building blocks, precisely meet these criteria. On top, they display increased redox- and proteolytic stability and offer a multitude of possibilities to attach the radiolabel in various positions.

The combined pharmaceutical aims to improve the treatment outcome in comparison to the current standard of care while substantially lowering the side effects for the patient.

About Orano Med

Orano Med is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a new generation of targeted therapies against cancer using the unique properties of lead-212 ( 212 Pb), a rare alpha-emitting radioisotope and one of the most potent therapeutic payloads against cancer cells known as Targeted Alpha-Emitter Therapy (TAT). Alpha decay results in irreparable double strand DNA breaks
in cells adjacent only to area of alpha emission, which leads to an increased cytotoxic potential toward cancer cells while limiting toxicity to nearby healthy cells.

Orano Med develops several treatments using 212 Pb combined with various targeting agents. The company has 212 Pb manufacturing facilities, laboratories, and R&D centers in France and in the US and is currently investing to further expand its GMP-manufacturing capacities for 212 Pb radiolabeled pharmaceuticals in North America and Europe.

For more information, please visit: www.oranomed.com

About Biosynth

Where chemistry meets biology, products meet services and innovation meets quality, Biosynth secures life science supply chains with manufacture and supply of high-quality products. With an unrivalled research product portfolio of over one million products and end-to-end manufacturing services, we are science led and customer focused to solve problems, taking pride in delivering products and projects that others cannot. Our expertise and capability run across Complex Chemicals, Peptides and Key Biologics all from one trusted partner.

Knowing of the importance of 3D confirmation for many biological interactions, Biosynth’s peptide discovery chemists are experts in discovering and optimizing constrained peptides, using our proprietary CLIPS™ technology, that bind the target protein of interest. Our highly trained staff has years of experience in peptide phage display, synthesis, design, optimization, and the molecular recognition of peptides, and will guide and support you in your peptide discovery journey. From radiotherapy, theragnostic, degrader technologies, protein interaction antagonists, receptor signalling agonists: our macrocyclic CLIPS™ peptides make sure your technology reaches the right target.

For more information, please visit: www.biosynth.com