GERBU Adjuvants – Ready to Use Immunoadjuvants for Better Results

GERBU’s Ready-to-use Immunoadjuvants are Economical and Animal Friendly

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The unique GERBU Adjuvant PluS, Adjuvant S, Adjuvant F, Adjuvant M, and Adjuvant P

Brochure: Boost your results

GERBU has developed a line of ready-to-use immunoadjuvants with unique formulations designed for cost-efficient, animal-friendly, biocompatible, high-yield antibody production.

The GERBU Adjuvants PluS, Adjuvant S, Adjuvant F, Adjuvant M, and Adjuvant P are thoughtfully developed, economical and suitable for a wide range of R&D fields and laboratory applications, including vaccine development and therapeutic applications.

The new Adjuvant PluS, provides exceptional results for abundant serum antibody production, generating the required immune responses without any adverse side effects for the animal’s welfare.

The GERBU Adjuvant F is formulated specifically for large sensitive animals. It is suitable for generating single domain antibodies and nanobodies, that neutralise pathogenic beta-coronaviruses.

The Gerbu Adjuvant M is optimised for monoclonal antibody production, whilst providing safe results. It is an advantageous alternative to Freund’s adjuvant. The Adjuvant M formula is also suitable for commercial production of monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic applications.

GERBU can also create an adjuvant that is tailored to specific requirements – Adjuvant Z.

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