Cytostatic Isolator for Advanced Operator Safety and Cytotoxic Drug Manipulation

Secure Superior Protection Whilst Handling Extremely Hazardous Materials with BLOCK’s Modular Laboratory Isolator for Cytostatics

A BLOCK Technology Brochure

BLOCK Technology’s Modular Laboratory Isolator for Cytostatics offers a reliable and advanced solution for handling cytotoxic drugs, ensuring operator protection and secure drug manipulation within pharmaceutical and hospital settings.

The .pdf brochure provides detailed information about the cutting-edge Modular Laboratory Isolator designed specifically for handling cytostatic drugs, ensuring high-level protection for personnel and products.

Developed by BLOCK Technology a.s., a member of the BLOCK® Group, this Cytostatic Isolator offers cutting-edge features to ensure operator safety and secure cytotoxic drug manipulation.

It features an “A” class cleanliness and laminar airflow for advanced product protection. The Cytostatic Isolator is suitable for use in pharmacies and hospitals for cytostatic preparation, such as dilution and dosing procedures, offering a liquid-tight working chamber with electronic controls, HEPA filtration, and easy material transfer.

The equipment includes airlocks, sliding trays, and an HMI color touch panel for system control. The chamber is constructed with AISI 304 stainless steel and offers options for decontamination with H2 O2.

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