Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Transportation Made Easy

Protecting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical goods on their journey from manufacturer to end-user is a major global challenge.

A SenseAnywhere White Paper

SenseAnywhere offers an exceedingly effective temperature monitoring solution that makes cold chain transport easy.

White Paper: Wireless Temperature Data Loggers Make Cold Chain Transport Easy

Cold chain transport is a huge global undertaking. Nowadays, pharmaceutical companies distribute millions of vaccines throughout the cold chain in the fight against COVID-19. These vaccines need to be real-time temperature monitored.

The AiroSensor wireless data loggers manufactured by SenseAnywhere are designed to tackle this problem. These modern temperature monitoring devices can ensure the safety and protection of all temperature-sensitive goods from the beginning of the cold chain to its endpoint.

With a battery that lasts up to 10 years and a temperature measurement range from -200˚C up to +200˚C transportation distance and storage times cease to be an issue even under ultra-low temperature conditions.

Allowing automated measurements and wireless gathering of all data, the software stores all vital information effortlessly and securely in the Cloud ensuring complete regulatory compliance.

The white paper also provides detailed solutions to other key challenges for the pharma cold chain.

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