COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Monitoring Made Easy

COVID-19 vaccine distribution monitoring can be complex, costly and time-consuming.

A SenseAnywhere White Paper

SenseAnywhere has developed a reliable hassle-free solution for COVID-19 vaccine temperature, humidity and motion monitoring during distribution – Real-time Transport Alarms.

White Paper: Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution Transport Alarms

To safeguard the quality of COVID-19 vaccines during the distribution process, they require close monitoring to ensure they are stored at the right temperature throughout their journey.

The COVID-19 vaccine distribution monitoring phase can present a serious logistical challenge, especially since the leading vaccine candidates are highly temperature-sensitive and some require very low and ultra-low storage temperatures to ensure they remain safe and effective.

SenseAnywhere Transport Alarms are a simple solution to overcome this challenge. These smart devices are engineered to automatically send alarms which show whether the vaccines are being transported under the right conditions.

Transportation from manufacturing sites to regional health centres by various means of transport can not only be monitored remotely but with the SenseAnywhere Portal it is possible to create an Alarm Profile and set the required lower and upper temperature limit easily. Transporters can receive automatic alerts at the start of the journey and when the transport ends, or only when conditions during transport are compromised – it is quick and simple to configure.

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