Composition of Extracellular Environments with the 3-D Life Hydrogel System

The 3-D Life Hydrogel system offers unique design flexibility of extracellular matrix compositions in 3D cell cultures.

A Cellendes White Paper

The 3-D Life Hydrogel system is developed for ease of use and complete control of biomolecular modification to enable the creation of hydrogels applicable for many cell types.

User-controlled composition of extracellular environments

Cellendes has developed an innovative 3-D Life Hydrogel system that provides remarkable advantages for researchers by enabling individual selection of hydrogel components.

Determining hydrogel properties in a simple, fast and convenient way, allows the creation of extracellular environments that are specifically formulated to produce optimal results for particular 3D cell culture applications.

By using the 3-D Life Hydrogel system, researchers can gain control over cell spreading and migration, the variation of peptide densities and gel strength, as well as easily recover cells after culture without harming them.

Learn more about how the 3-D Life Hydrogel system can help accelerate your cell culture research.

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