A New Generation of Microscopy-based Single Cell Sorting

Selection & Isolation of Single Cells – CellEctor

A Molecular Machines & Industries GmbH White Paper

Cell Picking Like a Pro with the Next Gen Cell Picker by MMI

When Every Cell Counts

The MMI CellEctor allows researchers to isolate and manipulate desired cells without the need for complex sorting techniques like Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS). While FACS is efficient for high-throughput sorting based on specific markers, it may not be suitable for certain applications where the target cells are rare or require more precise selection.

Up to 100% picking/transfer efficiency of living or fixed cells

Cell picking with the MMI CellEctor provides a viable alternative, enabling researchers to manually choose and collect individual cells of interest. This picking process enables an extremely gentle cell transfer for the highest cell integrity and outgrowth rates after cell transfer.

Isolation of Adherent Single Cells

The isolation of adherent single cells is challenging since the adhesive forces prevent detachment and uptake of the cells. Living adherent cells can typically be detached by trypsinization, but thecells’ RNA and protein expression profile will be altered by this treatment, leading to biased transcriptomics or proteomics data. With the ground-breaking shake mode feature, the MMI CellEctor cell picker can isolate adherent cells without compromising their viability or integrity. Thus, living adherent cells can now be selectively isolated and utilized for any downstream applications, even for sensitive RNA expression analysis.

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