Preclinical Contract Research Services

The Behring Campus Eystrup (BCE) is an innovative CRO and research facility that offers a wide range of preclinical contract research services, with a core competence in early drug development. The company has a diverse portfolio of customised models and assay systems for testing the effectiveness of therapeutics, vaccines, and antibodies.

BCE provides highly customised and flexible solutions that can adapt to the specific requirements and specifications of each customer. The Behring Campus Eystrup complex includes laboratory facilities featuring advanced medical and research equipment and technology, as well as facilities dedicated to animal husbandry for research purposes.

Flexible Preclinical Contract Research Services

BCE’s extensive expertise in immunology, veterinary science, molecular biology, and engineering empowers the CRO to apply advanced methodologies and execute complex preclinical research and scientific experiments. BCE’s expansive campus grounds also house animals for purposes such as biologics extraction, antibody development, and pharmacokinetic studies involving biopharmaceuticals.

Standing out with an exceptionally flexible and client-orientated approach, BCE can design and execute preclinical projects in small and large animals, such as pigs, rabbits, and guinea pigs, and can also accommodate individual requests for different animal species.

With its long-standing expertise and extensive research campus, BCE can assist customers with various aspects of preclinical research.

Pharmacokinetic Studies

BCE can measure the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of compounds in small and large laboratory animals. The facility takes care of all the steps involved in pharmacokinetic studies, such as planning, communication, legal administration, animal husbandry, dosing, sampling, sample preparation and storage, transport of samples, and clinical monitoring.

Efficacy/Potency/Drug Compatibility Studies

BCE can evaluate the therapeutic effects, potency, and compatibility of drugs and medical devices in different animal models. The facility has the expertise and equipment to establish new methods and set up complex experiments, according to the customer’s needs and preferences.

Vaccination Studies

BCE can test the immunogenicity and protection of vaccines in various small and large animal species providing a unique and comprehensive service for its customers. The facility can also monitor the safety and adverse effects of vaccination.

As a trusted CRO, BCE follows the highest ethical and legal standards for animal welfare and data protection. The facility’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and quality assurance enhances the reliability and validity of the findings, providing customers with valuable insights and results for their research projects.

BCE is a professional and innovative partner for customers who need preclinical contract research services. The campus offers a comprehensive, scientific, and flexible approach that can meet the diverse and complex needs of customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.

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