Automated Ultrahigh-throughput Imaging System

The CELLAVISTA® 4 is a cutting-edge automated ultrahigh-throughput imaging system able to scan a 96 well microplate at 10X magnification in only 3 to 4 minutes.

The SYNENTEC engineered automated ultrahigh-throughput imaging system offers non-invasive measurement of brightfield and fluorescence assays in multi-well plates, chamber slides or RoboFlasks for an exceedingly wide array of cellular applications in cell line development, research and drug discovery.

New-gen features of the automated ultrahigh-throughput imaging system

The highly customisable 4th generation imaging system builds on the high quality of its predecessors and includes brand new state-of-the-art features including, optimised harmonic motion for imaging without agitation during plate scan, hyperfast multiplex imaging and revamped highly sensitive optics.

SYNENTEC’s engineers have opted to continue using high-content screening (HCS-grade) lenses to boost the power of the experiment in identifying cell-subpopulations and sub-cellular compartments and helping to understand the mechanism of action of drug candidates.

The CELLAVISTA® 4 automated ultrahigh-throughput imaging system also offers a three times more sensitive fluorescence module allowing for shorter exposures. Record-breaking fast measurements, less photobleaching and autofocus performance which is twice as fast as in previous models, are also included in the list of new enhancements.

Automation ready cell imaging system to expedite drug discovery

Challenging, time-consuming and labor-intensive laboratory research is part of the efforts to succeed in a drug discovery program. By applying automation to laboratory research processes data throughput and quality can be increased whilst minimising errors, which greatly increases the laboratory’s productivity.

The CELLAVISTA® 4 imaging systems are automation-ready and set up for quick and easy integration into automated environments and linking to robotic arms, plate stackers, incubators, liquid handlers and clone pickers, developed by some of the most established automation solution providers for high-throughput needs, such as ThermoFisher, PAA, Hamilton, Tecan, Caliper, Beckman and Perkin.

Generate stable monoclonal cell populations

The new gen imaging system is a perfect tool to generate stable monoclonal cell populations expressing the desired phenotype whilst offering the possibility for upscaling in a high-throughput manner.

With the included YT-software® cell colonies are automatically detected and assurance of monoclonality is conveniently established by tracking the colony growth back to day one. The colony size and the fluorescence intensity, in the event of co-transfection, of the colony can be used as selection criteria for the high producing clones. Moreover, productivity can be checked in conjunction with the PAIAplate.

Automated ultrahigh-throughput imaging system model variations

The new CELLAVISTA® 4 imaging system is available in three main models:

  • CELLAVISTA 4® CLD – with brightfield
  • CELLAVISTA 4® CLD High End – with brightfield and 6 additional channels of fluorescence
  • CELLAVISTA 4® SCIENTIFIC – with a 16 bit sCMOS camera and high numeric aperture objective lenses

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