Ultra-low Temperature Air Cycle Refrigeration Machine

MIRAI INTEX has engineered a cutting-edge ultra-low temperature air cycle refrigeration machine that offers exceptional energy efficiency whilst reliably sustaining temperatures ranging from -40°C to -110°C (-40°F to -166°F).

The MIRAI Cold 80 T is an air cycle refrigeration machine that not only sustains ultra-low temperatures but also offers extreme temperature accuracy of ±0,5 °C.

This makes the MIRAI Cold 80 T the ideal refrigeration solution for safe and reliable freeze-drying of PCR tests for SARS-CoV-2 virus detection and ultra-low temperature COVID-19 vaccine storage.

Ultra-low Temperature Air Cycle Refrigeration Machine

The MIRAI Cold 80 T is an air cycle refrigeration machine designed to provide and sustain ultra-low temperatures ranging from -40°C to -110°C which can be used for cooling processes in a variety of industries and excels in freeze-drying/lyophilization applications.

MIRAI Cold 80 T is an indirect refrigeration system that uses air as a refrigerant and runs in a closed cycle. The modern ULT refrigeration machine has a heat exchanger that is pre-installed and optimized for use with silicone oil (also compatible with other working fluids). The system is self-contained and needs very little service and upkeep.

ultra-low temperature air cycle refrigeration machine
MIRAI Cold 80 T – Ultra-low Temperature Air Cycle Refrigeration Machine

Air Cycle Refrigeration Technology

The MIRAI Cold is a revolutionary class of environmentally friendly refrigeration systems based on air cycle technology (reversed Brayton Cycle). The unique heating ability of air during compression and cooling capacity of air during expansion is the backbone of Air Cycle Technology. MIRAI Cold 80 T can reach and sustain ultra-low temperatures of -110 Celsius by repeating compression and expansion cycles.

The Air Cycle Technology offers many advantages compared to conventional systems using chemical refrigerants, most notably providing green energy that cuts consumption costs up to 30% and ensures increased safety and compliance with any upcoming environmental legislation and requirements.

Integrated Real-time Temperature Monitoring

All MIRAI Cold machines come with an integrated control system that enables the operator to communicate with their control system using the digital communication protocols ProfiNET, EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP and Powerlink. This modern technology provides easy integration for real-time monitoring, data archiving at specified intervals, as well as remote monitoring as an option.

Freeze-drying for Pharmaceutical & Diagnostics Applications

Freeze-drying, also known as lyophilisation or cryodesiccation, of pharmaceuticals, is an extremely important process not least to increase the shelf life of some pharmaceutical products for years. The freeze-drying process is also vital for diagnostic applications with most biologicals being temperature and time-sensitive.

The MIRAI Cold 80 T can facilitate reliable freeze-drying for vaccines and antibodies, antibiotics, blood plasma, proteins, enzymes, hormones, viruses and bacteria, API’s and pathological samples, and cell cultures.

Using only air rather than chemically active substances the MIRAI Cold 80 T provides greater safety for sensitive pharmaceutical ingredients and biologicals.

Freeze-drying/lyophilization of SARS-CoV-2 PCR Tests

Currently, the diagnostics sector relies heavily on PCR tests for SARS-CoV-2 virus detection. MIRAI closed-cycle ULT machines are perfect for freeze-drying/lyophilization of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests.

In order to ensure accurate results, it is necessary to have reliable refrigeration storage with accurate temperature settings. Being able to reach and maintain up to -110°C with an accuracy of only ±0,5 °C the MIRAI Cold 80 T is perfect for the task. In addition, the real-time and remote monitoring technology provides complete control over the temperature and ensures freeze-dried PCR samples, mixes and reagents maintain their quality.

electric cabinet
Electric Cabinet


  • Ultra-cold temperature of -40°C to -110°C (-40°F to -166°F)
  • Temperature accuracy of ±0,5 °C
  • Up to 30% less energy consumption
  • Air Cycle Technology
  • Without any chemically active substances
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Remote monitoring option
  • Fully compliant with regulatory requirements
  • Future-proof design

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