Compact Medium-throughput Cell Imager

The NYONE® is a new-gen compact medium-throughput cell imager, designed as an ideal solution to save on costs and laboratory bench space. It performs automated, fast and non-invasive brightfield and fluorescence imaging with included multi-parameter image analysis. 

Developed by SYNENTEC as a smaller version of the CELLAVISTA® automated ultrahigh-throughput imaging system, the NYONE® cell imager is able to scan up to 100 plates every 10 hours. The compact cell imager is customisable and is perfect for Trypan Blue viability monitoring, confluence determination, single cell cloning and a wide array of other applications in cell line development, research and drug discovery.

Medium-throughput Cell Imager Features

The customisable fully automated medium-throughput cell imager is distinguished by its outstanding optical performance, mechanical robustness, and versatile functionality features. NYONE® cell imagers operate on the YT-software® where e.g. cell colonies are auto detected and assurance of monoclonality is simply established by tracking the colony growth back to day one.

The high-throughput CELLAVISTA® imaging systems by SYNENTEC run on exactly the same software platform, so switching an established process to a higher-throughput system in case of upgrading is easy and hassle-free.

Benefits of the compact NYONE Cell Imager

The NYONE® medium-throughput cell imager is robust and durable, yet it has a small footprint and saves valuable space in the laboratory. The modern cell imager is very accurate and delivers reproducible measurements using non-invasive brightfield and fluorescence imaging. It is capable of running a complete scan of a 96-well microplate in approximately 5 minutes.

The reliable cell imager is well suited to observing adherent and suspension cells. It also offers complete documentation of cellular growth. The NYONE® cell imager delivers excellent well edge illumination of microplates and perfect image stitching. It can achieve less than 5 ms switching time with ultrafast electronic switched excitation sources. Ideally suited for FRET assays, the cell imager can position changing in 40 ms time, with its ultrafast filter wheel.

This cell imager achieves superb image quality using specifically designed optic and laser autofocus mechanisms. The quality-build imager uses the flexibility of automated image analysis to improve the handling of your cellular assays.

Accuracy, robustness and reproducibility with high versatility

The full versatility of applications with the NYONE® cell imager is countless. From applications such as Trypan Blue Viability Testing, Suspension Cell Count, FASC Seeding Control, Transfection Efficiency, Total Well Intensity, Microplate Quality Control, Apoptosis Monitoring and Single Cell Cloning Approaches to the entire diversity* of the YT-software, the NYONE® offers the ideal model options and configuration setups for your specific requirements.

Accelerate drug discovery, vaccine development or virological research

The NYONE® cell imager can help accelerate work in numerous areas of drug discovery and development, vaccine research and development and virological research. The fully automated cell imager can support your R&D with high and medium-resolution imaging in brightfield and diverse fluorescence channels in combination with automated YT-software® for image cytometry.

Fully automated medium-throughput cell imager

Laborious and effortful laboratory research is part of a drug discovery and drug development program’s attempts to achieve success. By implementing automation, time-consuming and work-intensive processes can be optimised to increase data throughput and quality whilst diminishing errors, which greatly boosts the laboratory’s productivity.

The compact NYONE® cell imager is designed to allow integration into automated environments in combination with a hardware automation-package and straight forward linking to robotic arms, plate stackers, incubators, liquid handlers and clone pickers, manufactured by trusted automation solution providers, such as ThermoFisher, PAA, Hamilton, Tecan, Caliper, Beckman and Perkin.

Cell Imager Model Variations

The NYONE® cell imager is available in four main models:

  • NYONE® CLD BF – with white light
  • NYONE® CLD FL – with 4 FL excitation channels and up to 6 fluorescence emissions channels
  • NYONE® CLD HighEnd – with a throughput of 360 plates / day and an 8 bit progressive sCMOS camera
  • NYONE® SCIENTIFIC – with a throughput of 480 plates / day and a 16 bit sCMOS camera

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