SenseAnywhere Launches Groundbreaking Temp Only and Temp/RH Modules

SenseAnywhere has launched the groundbreaking Temp Only and Temp/RH Modules enabling the most precise and rapid measurement of relative humidity and/or temperature, respectively. Both modules have a short response time, which makes them excellent for use in dynamic environments.

In addition to their ultra precise measurements ability, the modules’ tiny size, which is less than 12 mm in diameter, allows them to fit almost anywhere and measure even in the smallest of spaces.

Precise measurements in dynamic environments

The Temp Only and Tem/RH Modules are ideal for measurement in dynamic settings. Each small-scale mapping can be easily performed and rapidly read-out when connected to the AiroSensor 20-20-43. The modules are straightforward solutions when temperature and/or relative humidity flactuations need to be measured quickly. The modules’ compact size allows them to fit into narrow places and areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Accurate measurements for validation and reference

The high-performance Temp-only and Temp/RH Modules are equipped with the most accurate, relative humidity and/or temperature meters.

As a result, the items may be effectively employed in small storage rooms and freezers to perform validation measurements. The modules, on the other hand, offer a unique advantage in that they may also be used for reference measurements. If an AiroSensor has to be (re)calibrated but the logger cannot be returned, the Temp-only and Temp/RH Modules may quickly read out the AiroSensor’s deviations.

SAB Extension Cables offer more options

The newest modules may be linked to the SenseAnywhere SAB Extension Cables because they include the company’s Bus (SAB) interface. These cables are available in 2,5 and 10 meter lengths. Therefore, they allow External Modules such as the Temp only and the Temp/RH to measure in environments where the internet connection is poor. The Modules may be put even in inaccessible areas and still communicate measurements to the AiroSensor trough the SAB Extension Cable.

Because the electronics in the connector are employed to derive the measured value, both the Temp only and Temp/RH modules may be separately calibrated.

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