Mirai Intex to Exhibit at ACHEMA 2022

Mirai Intex will present the unique MC 15 C/W/T closed-cycle refrigeration machine, circulating cold air inside the chamber, at ACHEMA in August 2022. The leading international event ACHEMA will take place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany from 22 – 26 August 2022.

MIRAI Cold’s closed-cycle refrigeration machines are plug-and-play solution for ultra-low temperature refrigeration with environmental and sustainability in mind. Several machines can be used in a modular configuration for redundancy and convenience.

The machine is designed to provide and maintain ultra-low temperatures from -40°C to -130°C in refrigeration processes in various industries, particularly in freeze drying/lyophilizing processes and solvent recovery.

The core advantages:

SAFETY (Air as the refrigerant! With these systems the customers can be completely independent of the phase-out of synthetic refrigerants and can use the storage for decades.)

MIRAI Cold’s closed-cycle refrigeration machine (Photo Credit: Mirai Intex)

HIGH RELIABILITY AND EFFICIENCY (Our technology has no phase change, no oil, and thanks to the air bearing, it is not subject to wear and tear. Air as a refrigerant is free, which makes the technology very economical to run.
A plug-and-play solution, which requires no additional construction work, moreover, it is delivered all over the world.

TEMPERATURE FLEXIBILITY (Temperature adjustment from -40°C to -130°C in just a few clicks via an easy-to-use touch screen. Reliable and innovative technology guarantees high availability with low maintenance.)

Mirai Intex looks forward to seeing you at the event!