GERBU Ready-to-use Adjuvants (PluS, S, F, M, and P)

GERBU offers ready-to-use adjuvants which can dramatically improve the yield of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.

Adjuvant auxiliary drug carrier immunoadjuvant, Potent Immunological Adjuvants, sterile emulsion containing non-hazardous immune-active components balanced to give maximum effect.

GERBU Adjuvants for Improved Yields

The line of GERBU adjuvants is animal-friendly and a powerful potentiator of cellular and humoral immune response with a long-term protecting effect. The adjuvants are very stable and biocompatible. They are designed to be easy and convenient to use – just mix with an antigen and inject! The adjuvants produced by GERBU PluSTM, STM, FTM, MTM and PTM can drastically improve the yield of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.

Ready-to-use Adjuvants

GERBU offers a unique line of ready-to-use Adjuvants: PluSTM, STM, FTM, MTM and PTM.

The latest edition to the GERBU portfolio of Adjuvants is the Adjuvant PluSTM. This unique adjuvant is developed to provide a combined system for optimum results at the lowest price. It is based on the combination of Adjuvant PTM and a boost with Adjuvant STM (the “incomplete” version of Adjuvant PTM). The Adjuvant PluSTM is devoid of side effects for the animals and delivers a high level of specific antibodies.

The Adjuvant STM is developed for the production of polyclonal antibodies. It is an incomplete adjuvant, which provides the highest yields of antibodies whilst remaining animal-friendly and cost-effective.

GERBU’s Adjuvant FTM offers a very gentle formula that is suitable for the vaccination of sensitive animals.

Developed specifically for monoclonal antibody production, Adjuvant MTM enables a high yield of IgG and fused clones in mice.

The Adjuvant PTM is a classic and one of GERBU’s best-sellers. The adsorbent lab scale antigen for research applications is strongly active. Its effect is superior to FCA but with less side effects.

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