Pharmaceutical Logistics Services

Cool Chain Logistics is a trusted provider of pharmaceutical logistics services, meeting specific industry needs according to strict regulatory requirements, from packaging and transportation, temperature monitoring and control, to tracing, and final distribution.

Cool Chain excels in handling and transportation of pharmaceutical goods, vaccines, medications, biologics, gene therapies, and biological samples for pharma and biopharma companies, healthcare organisations, and clinical and diagnostics laboratories across the globe.

Specialised Pharmaceutical Logistics Services

The pharma industry demands stringent standards for safety, traceability, and reliable temperature control, which often requires specialised pharmaceutical logistics services to ensure regulatory compliance, the safety of goods and products, and fast and efficient supply chain management. Through its advanced global logistics center network, specialised fleet of vehicles, advanced temperature maintenance and packaging technology, and long-standing experience, Cool Chain Logistics provides best-in-class pharmaceutical logistics solutions going above and beyond adherence to GDP regulatory standards.

The company offers swift, dependable, and fully comprehensive services related to transporting pharmaceutical products, vaccines, and biological materials. This includes modern, secure, and environmentally friendly packaging, as well as monitoring and autonomous maintenance of temperature conditions. Cool Chain Logistics holds a Good Distribution Practices (GDP) certificate for medicine distribution, ensuring compliance with ISO regulations and ISTA temperature qualification certifications in its services.

Temperature-Controlled Pharma Logistics: From -80ºC to +25ºC

Whether it is ultra-low frozen, refrigerated, or ambient, Cool Chain Logistics can handle any temperature requirement ranging from -80ºC to +25ºC with its innovative reuse system, specialised fleet of pharma vehicles, and cutting-edge sustainable packaging solutions.

With logistics solutions covering the entire temperature spectrum within the pharmaceutical cold chain, the company is a preferred logistics partner for leading pharmaceutical organisations with diverse requirements for ultra-low temperatures (-80ºC/-20ºC), refrigerated conditions (+2ºC/+8ºC) and ambient temperatures (+15ºC/+25ºC).

Through its extensive operational reach and expertise, Cool Chain is ready to deliver critical vaccines and essential medical supplies where and when they are most needed. From large international shipments servicing pharma manufacturers to facilitating home delivery services for patients facing mobility constraints, Cool Chain Logistics tackles logistics tasks of every scale with unparalleled efficiency.

Pharmaceutical Transportation Guaranteeing 120 Hours of Autonomous Temperature Maintenance

Ensuring accurate and reliable temperature maintenance of pharmaceutical goods during transportation is essential for the industry in preserving the quality and integrity of life-saving medication and temperature-sensitive vaccines and therapeutics.

Cool Chain Logistics provides a revolutionary transport solution that guarantees a minimum of 120 hours of autonomous temperature maintenance, adhering to GDP regulations and ISTA certifications, ensuring the safety and stability of the products, including the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines requiring accurate ultra-low temperature maintenance, throughout their journey.

Complete Traceability of Each Pharmaceutical Shipment

Cool Chain Logistics provides accurate monitoring for all its pharmaceutical shipments, monitoring each shipment induvidually. As each shipment undergoes thorough individual monitoring, complete traceability is maintained throughout the entire journey of the product, making it a reliable solution for the highly regulated pharma industry.

Cool Chain’s logistics centers are strategically located in the UK, Spain, Germany, and the USA, ensuring a robust and comprehensive supply chain solutions network that extends seamlessly across Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. Multinational and local organisations alike can rely on Cool Chain’s extensive geographical reach and high quality pharma logistics services.

High-performance Isothermal Packaging for Vaccine Transportation

The COOL CHAIN ORCA system stands out as a cutting-edge, high-performance isothermal equipment specially sanctioned for vaccine transportation. This contemporary system is adaptable to diverse transportation requirements and is offered in four capacities: 4.4L, 11.1L, 23.5L, and 50L. The system’s interior is meticulously designed, featuring custom vial holder racks to ensure optimal convenience and reliability when transporting vaccines under any required temperature conditions.

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