Non-specific Endonuclease Isolated from Serratia Marcescens

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Protean offers Non-specific Endonuclease isolated from Serratia marcescens, which is a highly processive enzyme active under a variety of conditions and temperatures – Endonuclease S. marcescens.

The Non-specific nuclease, Benzonase – Endonuclease S. marcescens, has no proteolytic activity and is perfect for the removal of nucleic acids from protein samples or as an effective sonication alternative. It is a great cost-effective replacement for commercial nonspecific nucleases and ideally suitable for biopharmaceutical manufacturing cGMP applications.

Endonuclease S. marcescens – A great cost-effective alternative to commercial non-specific nucleases

Serratia marcescens nuclease has potent digestive activity toward both single and double-stranded DNA and RNA of any origin. The enzyme has no sequence specificity and cleavage leads to oligos 2 to 5 bases short. It is an excellent cost-effective replacement for commercial nonspecific nucleases.

Application areas include degradation of DNA after cell lysis, viscosity reduction of samples caused by HMW nucleic acids, DNA and RNA removal from protein samples, replacement of sonication or another mechanical DNA shearing process, as well as the prevention of cell clumping.

Mitigate protein degradation during drug manufacturing

With virtually no proteolytic activity this Non-specific Endonuclease is an excellent tool for removal of nucleic acid contamination from purified proteins, commonly from recombinant DNA products, and reduction of viscosity of bacterial lysates for the improvement of downstream processed to mitigate protein degradation during drug manufacturing. It can replace the sonication process of reducing viscosity, which goes along with heat production and cavitation that affect protein stability.

Non-specific Endonuclease for biopharmaceutical manufacturing cGMP applications

The Endonuclease S. marcescens enzyme supplied by Protean, as well as all other enzymes manufactured by the company, is produced in a certified environment under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards and fully approved for use in downstream GMP certified processes. The Protean Non-specific Endonuclease S. marcescens enzyme is ideally suitable for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing cGMP applications.

 nonspecific endonuclease isolated from Serratia marcescens
 Non-specific endonuclease isolated from Serratia marcescens


  • Endonuclease S. marcescens
  • Non-specifically cleaves both single and double-strand DNA and RNA
  • Highly processive
  • Fully qualified for use in downstream GMP certified processes

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