One-step Plant Tissue Genomic DNA Purification Kits

BioEcho has developed a novel range of one-step Plant Tissue Genomic DNA Purification Kits, which produce high yields with excellent purity faster than ever before.

The breakthrough proprietary EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kits offer single-spin column purification of genomic DNA from up to 50 mg of plant tissue, including leaves, soft roots, seeds, fruit tissue, buds, and blossom tissue.

One-step Plant Tissue Genomic DNA Purification Kits

The EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kits are designed to rapidly purify genomic DNA from various species and types of plant tissues, without the need for optimising parameters like lysis time, temperature or elution volume.

All generic and time-consuming bind-wash-elute steps of common Silica-based procedures are omitted, for a much faster purification of nucleic acid samples, producing superior DNA yields, purity.

Ultra-fast Plant DNA Purification

Depending on the kit, the entire process can be concluded successfully within 45-50 minutes, with only 10 min hands-on time per sample, including tissue lysis and single-step column purification.

The 1-minute single-spin technology, which does not require a bind-wash-elute procedure, delivers up to 5-times higher DNA yields than commonly used Silica plant kits. The provided grinding solution further enables even faster and more convenient disruption of plant tissue samples when not using bead beating.

Higher Plant DNA Yield and Purity

The lysis step is conducted under physiological conditions where the enzyme activity of proteases is increased. BioEcho’s TurboLyse P Protease Mix contains a special mix of several active enzymes with expanded substrate specificity. The same protocol can be conveniently used to lyse all kinds of plant tissues.

The innovative EchoLUTION single-step spin purification procedure integrates an initial filtration, stopping potential cell debris, with a highly efficient reverse purification. The cleared lysate is loaded onto the spin column directly. Following only one spin, the purified high molecular weight genomic and mitochondrial DNA is eluted, whilst all debris and cellular compartments, inhibitors, small fragments (< 50 bp), and salts are entirely removed. As impurities are filtered out and the highly pure DNA is collected in the flow-through, the complete DNA is recovered with close to 100 % recovery and the highest purity.

The One-step EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kits

The EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kits product range includes the following variations:

  • EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kit (10)
  • EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kit (50)
  • EchoLUTION Plant DNA Kit (250)
  • EchoLUTION Plant DNA 96 Kit (2 x 96)
  • EchoLUTION Plant DNA 384 Kit (2x 384)
  • EchoLUTION Plant DNA 96 Core Kit (8 x 96)
  • EchoLUTION Plant DNA 96 Kit (8 x 96)
  • EchoLUTION Plant DNA 384 Kit (8x 384)
Plant Tissue DNA Purification Kit
The EchoLUTION Plant DNA 96 Kit (8 x 96)


  • Up to 5-times higher DNA yield than Silica-based kits
  • Superior purity through the removal of inhibitors
  • No bind-wash-elute procedure required
  • Grinding solution enables faster disruption of samples
  • The entire process is complete in 45-50 min (depending on the kit)
  • Eco-friendly with 70 % less plastic waste

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