Module Connector Cap and Clips

The innovative Module Connector Cap and Clips is a solution designed specifically to safeguard connectors and ensure their secure placement.

Preserve and Stabilise Connectors with the Module Connector Cap and Clips

Bid farewell to concerns about dust and dirt compromising the integrity of your AiroSensor 20-20-43 and 20-20-41 connectors with SenseAnywhere’s new protective Cap. This innovative accessory is engineered to keep your connectors shielded, allowing you to confidently concentrate on what truly matters.

In addition, for the use of SenseAnywhere’s Modules, such as the Pt100 Probe or 4-20mA Input Module, the company now also offers a Lock Clip. This practical accessory ensures a secure and stable connection, allowing you to carry out your tasks without any interruptions.

The Module Connector Cap and Clips offer unrivaled convenience and security that comes with having the best AiroSensor accessories engineered to date.

The incorporation of SenseAnywhere’s design, which prioritises ease of use, durability, and functionality, into these new accessories, will swiftly and conveniently enhance your supply chain set-up and general workflow.

The Module Connector Cap
The Module Connector Clip

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