Strong Magnetic Holders for Data Loggers

These strong magnetic holders for AiroSensor Data Loggers are a great accessory engineered to enhance efficient mapping in warehouses.

The Magnetic Holders are specifically designed for easily attaching data loggers to metal racks during mapping processes and are particularly useful for pharmaceutical warehouses. With their unique thermal insulation design, the Magnetic Holders ensure that the data loggers hang slightly from the wall, preserving temperature accuracy without any interference, and providing extra safety and storage reliability for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical goods.

Magnetic Data Logger Holders for Precise Mapping in Pharmaceutical Warehouses

When it comes to precise Mapping in pharmaceutical warehouses, accuracy is crucial. SenseAnywhere’s Magnetic Holders provide an ideal solution, delivering the accuracy and precision required for efficient warehouse operations, and safeguarding sensitive medications.

Designed for convenience and ease of use, the magnets from the Magnetic Holder can also be effortlessly attached to a Mobile AccessPoint. This feature adds extra flexibility and ease to the process of hanging loggers in a warehouse environment. With this magnetic accessory, there is no need to search for suitable mounting options. Simply, attach the data loggers to metal racks quickly and effortlessly as and when required. Moving or rearranging data loggers is also a breeze. SenseAnywhere’s Magnetic Holders provide a truly reliable, yet simple solution for warehouse mapping.

Choose the Perfect Fit for Your Needs: Sizes S and L

To cater to various requirements, the Magnetic Holders are available in two sizes: S (69 mm) and L (80 mm). Size S is compatible with AiroSensor 2X and 3X loggers, while Size L accommodates AiroSensor 4X and the SwitchHolder. This versatility ensures that you can easily find the right fit for your specific logger models, streamlining the Mapping process even further.

When it comes to securely attaching loggers and achieving seamless Mapping in warehouses, trust SenseAnywhere’s Magnetic Holders. Experience the convenience and efficiency they bring to your operations, allowing you to focus on accurate data collection and analysis.

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