Lysozyme HCl from Chicken Egg

The Lysozyme HCI from Chicken Egg White, available from GERBU, is a versatile enzyme for your research or industrial needs. It offers a natural and effective solution for bacterial cell wall lysis, DNA extraction, mass analysis, and more.

GERBU provides high-quality Lysozyme hydrochloride, with a potency of ≥20000U/mg, derived from chicken egg white. It is free from salt and ovalbumin.

Lysozyme HCI from Chicken Egg White

Lysozyme from chicken egg white is a C-type lysozyme. With high thermal stability and the ability to retain activity across a broad pH range, it has found diverse applications, including the isolation of genomic DNA from bacterial cells by lysing them and liberating their DNA content. The key advantages of the HCl form are that it may have better stability, solubility and bioavailability than the free form of lysozyme.

Other possible applications for Lysozyme HCI from chicken egg white are as an external standard for mass spectrometry analysis, as it has a well-known molecular weight and produces characteristic peaks. Research on HIV infection and pulmonary emphysema is also known to be conducted with the use of Lysozyme from chicken egg white.

The Lysozyme HCI from chicken egg by GERBU comes in a white spray-dried powder form and is available in 500g or 30 g packaging. Its high potency of ≥20000U/mg, means that you may use less enzyme and conduct your study or project much more cost-effectively.

Advantages of Lysozyme HCI Over Regular Lysozyme

Lysozyme HCl offers several advantages over regular lysozyme, providing improved stability, solubility, and bioavailability. Lysozyme, an enzyme capable of breaking down bacterial and fungal cell walls by hydrolyzing the bonds between N-acetylmuramic acid and N-acetylglucosamine, can be found in its salt form, Lysozyme HCl, which is suitable for oral consumption in the form of tablets or capsules.

One significant advantage of Lysozyme HCl is enhanced stability. The HCl form exhibits increased resistance to degradation, making it more robust and less prone to losing its enzymatic activity. This stability ensures that the lysozyme remains intact and effective throughout the manufacturing, storage, and transport processes, ultimately resulting in a longer shelf life for Lysozyme HCl products.

Solubility is another area where Lysozyme HCl demonstrates superiority. Compared to the free form of lysozyme, Lysozyme HCl exhibits improved solubility in various solvents and aqueous solutions. This increased solubility enables easier formulation of Lysozyme HCl into tablets or capsules, facilitating its administration and absorption in the body.

Bioavailability is also enhanced with Lysozyme HCl. The salt form demonstrates better bioavailability compared to free lysozyme. This means that a higher percentage of the administered dose of Lysozyme HCl can enter systemic circulation and exert its antimicrobial effects, leading to increased therapeutic efficacy.

Lysozyme Hydrochloride General Applications

Hen eggs are the most abundant source of Lysozyme, which constitutes approximately 3.4% of the albumen proteins. Lysozyme hydrochloride, with a potency of ≥20000U/mg, is an enzyme known as lysozyme, which acts by breaking the bonds between N-acetyl-D-glucosamine and N-acetylmuramic acid residues in bacterial cell walls. This form of lysozyme finds applications in various biochemical processes, including cell wall degradation, protoplast preparation, bacteriolysis, sample preparation prior to nucleic acid isolation, and real-time PCR-based transcription monitoring. Additionally, it serves as a pharmacological agent renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to promote healing in mucous membranes.

Whether you need lysozyme hydrochloride from chicken egg white for research, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, or cosmetic purposes, you can trust GERBU to deliver the best quality.

Lysozyme HCI (hydrochloride ≥20000U/mg) from Chicken Egg White - GERBU Biotechnik
Lysozyme HCI (hydrochloride ≥20000U/mg) from Chicken Egg White – GERBU Biotechnik


  • Lysozyme hydrochloride
  • From Chicken Egg White
  • ≥20000U/mg
  • Free from salt and ovalbumin
  • White spray-dried powder Form
  • Mucopeptide N-Acetylmuramyl hydrolase Muramidase hydrochloride

For use in laboratory and production. Not for human or animal use. For professional users only.

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