In-Line Heater Aids Design of Home Hemodialysis Device

Watlow’s FLUENT® In-Line Heater Helps Home Hemodialysis Device Maker Meet Multiple Challenges

A WATLOW Case Study by Andy Selvy

Exceptional thermal solutions for designing a home hemodialysis device that meets all safety guidelines and temperature requirements whilst being portable and convenient for patient use.

In contrast to stationary machines found in clinics, home hemodialysis devices necessitate compactness for portability and practicality. Medical device manufacturers face the challenge of designing home-use devices that are comparable in size to a carry-on suitcase, whereas traditional dialysis machines are considerably larger. Unfortunately, the objective of reducing device size often conflicts with the imperative of enhancing overall safety.

When a medical device manufacturer sought a thermal solution for their home hemodialysis equipment, they turned to Watlow®. Through its long-standing expertise in thermal solutions for medical devices, Watlow delivered a cutting-edge solution that not only fulfilled the size and safety requirements but also enhanced the overall performance of the system.

With the utilisation of Watlow’s FLUENT in-line heater, the system design underwent significant enhancements when compared to the previous setup. Notably, the weight and size of the home hemodialysis device were drastically reduced, resulting in a remarkable improvement in terms of weight and volume. Moreover, the incorporation of FLUENT technology introduced efficiencies in system response speed and cleaning capabilities. Watlow’s systematic approach to collaborating with the customer facilitated the navigation of engineering tradeoffs between size and safety, ensuring a solution without any compromises.

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