Pharmaceutical Film Coaters for Solid Dosage Forms Production

L.B.Bohle’s high-end pharmaceutical film coaters for solid dosage forms production are distinguished for their outstanding efficiency, optimal output and minimal suspension loss.

Film coating is a pivotal process step in pharmaceutical solid oral dosage forms production. The Bohle BFC Film Coater line guarantees first-class product processing and exceptional cost-effectiveness for film coating processes in the pharmaceutical industry.

High-end pharmaceutical film coaters for optimal solid dosage production

Based on its long-standing leadership experience in the development and production of film coating systems, L.B Bohle has integrated three key features to produce the superb BFC Film Coaters, namely drum geometry, patented twin spirals and advanced air system. Optimal movement of the cores is warranted by the flat tablet bed in a long drum geometry and the continuous adjustment of the inclination angle.

Achieving optimal product coating uniformity and loss reduction

Uninterrupted product movement for excellent product uniformity is secured through the systematic compulsory guide in the drum. The problematic twinning of tablets during the coating operation is completely eliminated and both solid and paint losses are significantly decreased.

Minimizing suspension losses in solid dosage production

Novel process and cleaning technologies, optimise the tablet coater functionality to ensure excellent results. The air system delivers important processing advantages, such as turning the problem of spray-drying at the suspension into a memory of times gone by. The air system has truly revolutionised tablet coating by improving coating structure dramatically, whilst reducing spray losses.

Due to the cutting-edge pan geometry, as well as the blending and conveyor components, tablets are treated with extra care. Furthermore, tablets can be discharged completely and with no containment, through the technology that changes the direction of pan rotation.

Features of the BFC Film Coaters

pharmaceutical film coaters
The BFC 600 Film Coater for pharmaceutical solid dosage forms production

The L.B. Bohle BFC Film coaters benefit from a number of integrated innovative new-generation technologies ensuring:

  • Better performance by up to 40%
  • Best uniformity: RSD < 2%
  • Lowest spray losses < 5%
  • Prevention of spray-drying, heating only in tablet bed
  • Large spray surface, length: Diameter >1
  • Secured scale-up
  • Mixing at two levels using counter-rotation
  • Patented helical baffles
  • CIP-cleaning

BFC Film Coaters Variations

The BFC Film Coaters are available in different sizes and technical designs. An example model overview:

  • BFC 100 – Batch size (brim volume) (L) 50 – 160, Nozzles 5, All nozzles are fed by one peristaltic pump head
  • BFC 200 – Batch size (brim volume) (L) 100 – 300, Nozzles 6, All nozzles are fed by one peristaltic pump head
  • BFC 400 – Batch size (brim volume) (L) 200 – 650, Nozzles 8, All nozzles are fed by one peristaltic pump head
  • BFC 600 – Batch size (brim volume) (L) 400 – 980, Nozzles 10, All nozzles are fed by one peristaltic pump head

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