High-shear Granulator System for Pharmaceutical Applications

The L.B. Bohle high-shear granulator system has been optimised specifically for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical oral solid dosage forms.

High-shear Granulator System for pharmaceutical agglomeration of powder particles

The advanced GMA granulator system’s agitator blade with its high-shear and compaction ensures effective granulation, forming dense granules whilst preventing excessive granule growth.

The cylindrical process bowl with double dished heads is the cornerstone of the granulator. The tank shape design, together with the aggregator blade geometry, ensures that granulation liquid is disbursed evenly throughout the product for optimum granulation results, lower fluid consumption and shorter production times.

Advanced features for faster and safer pharmaceutical production

To facilitate easy access, the bowl is connected to the head section with electric lifting cylinders, and so can be lowered down to be opened. Optimised for pharma applications the granulator has a pressure-surge-resistant design of up to 12 bar.

Designed for through-the-wall mounting, the high-shear granulator system does not take up valuable production floor space.

High-shear Granulator System
The GMA 600 High-shear Granulator System

Features of the High-shear Granulator System

The L.B. Bohle GMA granulator systems benefit from a number of integrated innovative new-gen technologies ensuring:

  • Low fluid consumption
  • Easy discharge
  • Closed system
  • Controlled granulation according to time, quantity or output
  • Easy to clean and complete draining of water

GMA High-shear Granulator System Variations

The GMA high-shear granulator systems are available in four main models:

  • GMA 70 – with dimensions L1800 x W1300 x H2500 (mm), PLC control and touchpanel system
  • GMA 300 – with dimensions L2290 x W1650 x H2950 (mm), PLC control and touchpanel system
  • GMA 600 – with dimensions L2525 x W1850 x H3350 (mm), PLC control and touchpanel system
  • GMA 1200 – with dimensions L3365 x W2150 x H4400 (mm), PLC control and touchpanel system

GMA High-shear Granulator for R&D

  • Beside the High-shear Granulator in production scale, L.B. Bohle also offer a laboratory system with the GMA 10 High-shear Granulator

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