HiDi® DNA Polymerase & HiDi® Taq DNA Polymerase

HiDi® Taq DNA polymerase has been engineered for use in mutation detections especially via allele-specific PCR (asPCR), also known as allele-specific amplification (ASA) applications.

HiDi® DNA Polymerase & HiDi® Taq DNA Polymerase for Highly Selective PCRs

HiDi® stands for High Discrimination of mismatches at the 3’-terminus of primers in PCR. This enzyme family engineered by myPOLS Biotec is optimized for all assays in which high single nucleotide discrimination is required.

Benchmarking experiments have shown that HiDi® is the number one choice for highly selective PCR applications that rely on this property, including allele-specific PCR (asPCR), HLA genotyping, analysis of single CpG methylation sites, or the detection of mutations in a high background of wild-type sequences. In addition, it has been shown that the HiDi® DNA polymerase family is excellent for quality control of libraries and mutant identifications in libraries generated by CRISPR-Cas or TALEN-based applications.

HiDi Taq is the Number One Choice for Liquid Biopsy

The patented HiDi® Taq DNA polymerase can detect fewer than 10 copies of a mutation in a background of >10.000 wild-type copies immediately and without the need for any other laborious assay optimisation. This makes it the Nr. 1 Enzyme choice for Liquid Biopsies.

The HiDi® DNA polymerase are the best performing enzymes for allele-specific PCRs, including liquid biopsy, mutation detections, genotyping assays and CRISPR library screenings.

myPOLS Biotec has benchmarked the HiDi® DNA polymerase family against other leading brands and their polymerases and the experiments have shown that HiDi DNA polymerase yields much better discrimination between the absence and presence of a mutation.

Numerous published studies, which were independently conducted have shown that the HiDi® DNA polymerase is perfectly suited for use in asPCR in various research areas ranging from mutation detection to genome editing.

HiDi is also suitable for Hydrolysis Probes Assays

HiDi® is available as a full-length Taq DNA polymerase enzyme and a N-terminally shortened version. HiDi Taq harbors a nuclease function thus it is also suitable for use with hydrolysis probes, such as TaqMan® probes.

Taq polymerase DNA
The myPOLS HiDi DNA Polymerase, specially engineered for High Discrimination in allele-specific PCR (asPCR) applications


  • Unique enzyme features
  • Best performing enzymes for allele-specific PCRs
  • Perfect for liquid biopsy, mutation detections, genotyping assays, CRISPR library screenings, TALEN approaches, etc.
  • Widely used in academic research

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