Wireless Temperature Monitoring QR Code Asset Tags

SenseAnywhere’s asset tags are durable plastic cards with a QR code for the outside of the assets and a bar code which is for the holders of the wireless data loggers.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring AssetTag (QR Code/Bar Code)

The QR Code asset tags make it easy to track and manage your assets. AssetTagging is the approach of linking a data logger to an AssetTag. The SenseAnywhere AssetTags include a QR (Quick Response) code which is placed on the outside of an asset (fridge/freezer) and reflects the monitored asset in the SenseAnywhere SAClient Portal. The AssetTag also includes a barcode for the data logger holders which enables easy replacement of data loggers for calibration, so that monitoring is not interrupted. This provides a complete temperature trail of goods with no gaps, as well as a full audit trail without paperwork.

Uninterrupted temperature monitoring for easy regulatory compliance

In order to meet regulatory standards in the pharmaceutical and many other industries, companies are obliged to monitor the temperature conditions of goods ensuring quality standards are met. Regulatory guidelines require that the temperature measuring equipment must be (re)calibrated on a regular basis. However, the monitoring history of temperature-sensitive goods may be interrupted whenever data loggers are sent to the laboratory for (re)calibration.

Calibration of data loggers, commonly performed at accredited calibration laboratories, can take a significant amount of time, during which professionals working in the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector would not have access to the current temperatures of their goods, alarms, notifications, and reporting functions. This makes providing a complete temperature history of their goods to the regulatory bodies extremely difficult.

AssetTagging was developed by SenseAnywhere to eradicate these difficulties. As data loggers can be swapped easily with no interruption of monitoring, alarms, reporting, and any other functions, ensuring regulatory compliance and the quality of goods is easy. The SenseAnywhere AssetTags offer uninterrupted functionality, for a complete Audit Trail without additional paperwork. Simple and convenient!

Track your assets using QR code asset tags

In recent years, these two-dimensional barcodes have gained a lot of popularity because of their ultra-fast readability and seamless compatibility with smartphones. Using QR codes has revolutionized supply chains as it removes the need for tedious paperwork or admin, whilst eliminating the chance of human errors. The monitored asset is also represented in the SenseAnywhere SAClient Portal through the bar code, which can be accessed 24/7. Customers can easily view alarms, charts, and reports of the asset.

The revolutionary range of AiroSensor wireless data loggers and the convenient modern QR code AssetTags ensure uninterrupted monitoring of sensitive pharmaceutical goods and other types of assets. The SenseAnywhere temperature monitoring products can boost the security of supply chains and logistics and provide more detailed data than ever before, whilst minimizing maintenance, reducing overall costs for businesses, and ensuring full regulatory compliance.

The SenseAnywhere AssetTag


  • Monitoring Asset Temperature and RH
  • Full monitoring history without gaps
  • Easy regulatory compliance
  • No paperwork and admin
  • Error-free and easy tracking
  • Complete Audit Trail

The demand for AssetTagging is high, as it resolves a key problem in the pharmaceutical industry, and is especially useful for vaccine distribution. For more information please contact SenseAnywhere today.

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