Powerful Adjuvant for Vaccine Development

The GERBU Adjuvant FTM is ideal for use in vaccine development and research purposes.

Powerful Immune-potentiating Adjuvant

The GERBU Adjuvant FTM is a powerful potentiator of cellular and humoral immune response with a long-term protecting effect. The adjuvant is well suited for animal vaccine development use. It is strongly active and great for research purposes. 

Adjuvant particularly well suited for animal vaccine development

This Adjuvant was invented for the vaccination of very sensitive larger animals, like pigs, goats, sheep, lamas, horses, camels, and cattle. It was developed as an adjuvant for commercial use, highly concentrated for best effect with small injection volumes.

Could also be used for human vaccine development

The Adjuvant could potentially also be used for human pharmaceutical R&D. It is a very mild adjuvant that is simple to handle by mixing with the corresponding antigen, directly before injection.

It can be used for generating multivalent VHHs (single domain antibodies, nanobodies) that neutralise pathogenic beta-coronaviruses.

Ready-to-use adjuvant

As it is especially suitable for camelids, GERBU Adjuvant FTM has become an important tool for realizing such significant possibilities in the development of highly specific antibody domains ready to use in the medical sector. It is free of Saponin.

The GERBU Adjuvant FTM (Image Credits: Gerbu)


  • Highly concentrated
  • Powerful potentiator of cellular and immune responses
  • Long-term protection effect
  • Particularly mild
  • Easy to handle
  • Ready-to-use
  • Free of Saponin


Clarity of Solution
Coloration of Sol.
EP 2.2.1: Nephelometry
EP 2.2.2: Gardner
Whitish flavescent, turbid suspension
500-1000 NTU

EP 2.2.3: undiluted suspension

CASO-Agar LTHTh(3d, 36°C)


Safety Data
Keep well closed in the refrigerator at 4-8°C for long storage (up to 36
months). No adverse effect of ambient temperature (Storage at
22°C: up to 6 months; Storage at 35 °C: up to 2 months).
Handle with professional care – avoid skin contact.
For laboratory use only. Not for human consumption.

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