Fluorinated Azides for 19F NMR Structural Biology and Medicinal Chemistry

The groundbreaking kit Clickable 19F NMR Probes, developed by CF Plus Chemicals, includes a variety of 9 fluorinated azides that serve a dual purpose:

  • they can be used as sources of valuable fluorinated drug-like motifs
  • they can be employed as a facile and reliable tool to introduce fluorinated probes to alkynylated (bio)molecules to study their structure and dynamics 

On the medicinal chemistry side, you will be able to expand your clickable chemical space with privileged fluorinated motifs as well as some less common, but potentially very interesting building blocks.

In the context of structural biology, you will be able to make 19F NMR studies of interactions of small-molecule drugs, peptides, proteins, glycans and nucleic acids much more straightforward and significantly more cost-effective.

Clickable 19F NMR Probes Kit

The kit Clickable 19F NMR Probes contains a collection of 9 structurally diverse fluorinated azides that can be utilised both as clickable 19F NMR probes for structural biology or as a source of fluorinated functionalities for medicinal chemistry, agrochemistry or advanced materials. The kit is tested and suitable for high-throughput drug discovery, combinatorial chemistry, DNA-encoded chemical libraries (DECL) and fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD).

For easier handling, each of the fluorinated azides is aliquoted in 5 x 10 mg in plastic vials and additionally sealed in metalized pouches under inert gas.

Arming your (bio)molecules with fluorinated functional groups

The kit provides a variety of privileged fluorinated motifs for small-molecule drug discovery, but also some less common building blocks with additional chemical reactivity, such as trifluoromethyl ketone-based reversible reactive warheads contributing to binding improvements or small fluorinated hydroxamate for construction of metalloenzyme inhibitors. 

Due to the exceptional mildness of click reaction, such chemically reactive groups can be attached also to large molecule-based therapeutics to further improve their efficacy.

Simplifying (bio)molecular structural studies

The special qualities of fluorinated compounds, such as their near absence in living systems and advantageous NMR characteristics (abundance, sensitivity and large span of chemical shifts) make 19F NMR spectroscopy a highly useful tool for in vitro and in-cell 19F NMR monitoring of interactions of small-molecule drugs, peptides, proteins, glycans and nucleic acids.

19F NMR probe screening becomes much more straightforward and budget-friendly with a library of clickable azides (containing magnetically equivalent fluorines) in hand.

Rather than conducting a laborious de novo synthesis of complex biomolecules with custom-made fluorinated amino acids, nucleotides or glycans, the more easily available alkynylated biomolecules can be site-selectively and reliably clicked to a selected fluorinated azide that is well-suited for the particular sensing task. This approach can significantly cut down development costs and accelerate the research as it allows rapid screening of a variety of 19F NMR probes.

The Clickable 19F NMR Probes
The Clickable 19F NMR Probes kit offers an easy way to test a variety of probes and reduce development costs.

Clickable 19F NMR Probes Kit Features

  • A collection of 9 structurally diverse fluoroalkyl azides
  • Simplifies 19F NMR probe screening and cuts down development costs
  • Easy-to-handle packaging
  • Suitable for high-throughput drug discovery technologies, such as DNA-encoded libraries (DECL) or fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD)

To learn more about how the Clickable 19F NMR Probes Kit can benefit your research or drug discovery program please complete the Quick Contact form or click the Add to basket button to visit the CF Plus Chemicals online store.

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