Fluoroalkyl Azide Kit for Drug Discovery

The unique kit Fluoroalkyl Azide Solutions developed by CF Plus Chemicals unlocks new fluorinated chemical space as it opens facile access to various fluoroalkylated heterocycles that are pivotal for drug discovery.

Fluorinated azides add to the armamentarium of a medicinal chemists, enabling facile introduction of fluorinated groups to modulate the physicochemical and biological properties of drugs and thus improve their efficacy.

Fluoroalkyl Azide Kit for High-throughput Drug Discovery

Fluoroalkyl Azide Kit contains a diverse collection of small-molecule fluoroalkyl azides.

The Fluoroalkyl Azide Kit is ideally suitable for applications in high-throughput drug discovery technologies where mildness, robustness and aqueous compatibility are important, such as combinatorial chemistry, synthesis DNA-encoded chemical libraries (DECL) and fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD).

Fluorinated azides embody a combination of three elements that drug makers require, including ubiquitous nitrogen, fluorine that can boost efficacy and reliable attachment chemistry.

Therefore, CF Plus Chemicals has developed and made commercially available a range of novel small-molecule fluoroalkyl azides that are easy-to-handle as safety-tested, well-defined dilute solutions.

An Easy-to-handle Kit with Six Fluoroalkyl Azide Solutions

The kit provides 6 fluoroalkyl azide solutions (FAZ001 – trifluoromethyl azide, FAZ002 – pentafluoroethyl azide, FAZ003 – difluoromethylazide, FAZ004 – trifluoroethyl azide, FAZ007 – tetrafluoropropyl azide and FAZ012 – difluoroethyl azide). The fluoroalkyl azide solutions are packed in separate glass vials of 5 ml which are additionally packaged and sealed in polypropylene jars.

The Fluoroalkyl Azide Solutions Kit for high-throughput drug discovery

Fluoroalkyl Azide Kit Features

  • A collection diverse fluoroalkyl azide solutions
  • Safety-tested solutions
  • Packaged in separate vials of 5 ml
  • Easy-to-handle diluted solutions
  • Suitable for DNA-encoded chemical libraries (DECL) or fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD)

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