Data Integrity Ensured with Tinytag DI: a new, secure software for Tinytag data loggers

From the UK manufacturer of the established Tinytag range of data loggers, Tinytag DI is the practical solution for maintaining data integrity in your secure monitoring application.

Tinytag DI is the simple, effective and trustworthy solution for secure monitoring in GxP-regulated environments. Key features of Tinytag DI include:

  • Lock data loggers to your system – once added to a Tinytag DI system, your data loggers cannot be accessed from another system.
  • User authentication and authorisation – registered users are verified against their unique user credentials each time they access Tinytag DI.
  • User access levels – manage user functionality with Tinytag DI’s three user access levels: Operator, Power User and Administrator.
  • Access groups – control the distribution of data loggers among users on an individual level or in groups.
  • Review system activity in the audit log – Tinytag DI helps you to maintain the accuracy of your data by recording user and system activity chronologically.
  • Aids compliance with MHRA Data Integrity and FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Maintain supply chain security, aid regulatory compliance

Make informed decisions about temperature- and humidity-sensitive products throughout their time in the supply chain with data you can rely on.

Tinytag DI’s comprehensive security features help organisations to verify the accuracy of their data and ensure its completeness in line with data integrity regulations.

Compatible with a wide range of data loggers, Tinytag DI software enables secure temperature and humidity monitoring in numerous environments and applications, including manufacturing, quality control, storage and distribution.

Trust that your data is in good hands

Gemini Data Loggers, a UK-headquartered manufacturer of the Tinytag range of data logging products and solutions has been designing and manufacturing data loggers on site in Chichester, West Sussex, since 1985.

Tinytag DI software, the latest release from the company, brings security, traceability and integrity to the easy-to-use and industry-trusted range of Tinytag data loggers.

Users of Tinytag DI can benefit from monitoring with the vast range of Tinytag data loggers, including USB, Radio and LAN (Ethernet) data loggers that measure temperature, relative humidity and more environmental characteristics.

For more information about Tinytag DI, please visit or contact Gemini Data Loggers on 01243 813000 or

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