MIRAI Launches the Most Powerful Eco-Friendly Ultra-Low Temperature Refrigeration System

MIRAI INTEX is delighted to announce the launch of MIRAI Cold 80 T, the most powerful ultra-low temperature refrigeration system added to the companies product portfolio to date.

The most powerful eco-friendly ultra-low temperature refrigeration system on the market

The high-tech turbo-module, Mirai’s most powerful yet, lies at the core of the MC 80 T. Performance test outcomes have displayed an increased cooling capacity to 55 kW although the temperature range remained intact (-40°C to -110°C). MIRAI INTEX has designed the most powerful machine in its product range, per machine volume achieving increased efficiency and compact dimensions per machine volume.

MIRAI Cold 80 T, like the rest of the MIRAI Cold family of refrigeration machines, employs only air as a refrigerant and does not use oil for lubrication, making it the most ecologically friendly Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) refrigeration solution on the market.

MIRAI Cold 80 C/W/T, as indicated by the letters, is a refrigeration system that operates in a closed cycle (C), is cooled by water (W), and has an extra heat exchanger for a secondary cooling medium already built-in (T).

ultra-low temperature air cycle refrigeration machine
The New MIRAI Cold 80 T Ultra-Low Temperature Refrigeration System

Excel in Freeze-Drying Applications

The MIRAI Cold closed cycle machines excel in Freeze-Drying applications because they are engineered and optimised for process cooling. MIRAI Cold 80 T is perfect for freeze-drying COVID-19 PCR tests.

One of the key new-generation differences of the MC 80 T is that it has a separate electrical cabinet with a touch-screen control system, allowing it to be placed away from the machine providing a variety of installation arrangements to fit virtually any application.

Mirai COLD 80 T (C/W/T)

The most powerful Ultra-Low Temperature Refrigeration System MIRAI Cold offers:

  • One of the “greenest” refrigerants R729 (natural air) with GWP = 0
  • Lack of contacting pairs = no oil for lubrication needed
  • Up to 55 kW cooling capacity
  • Advanced control system regulating machine’s performance
  • Frequency inverter for precise partial load operation
  • High cooling capacity with the same noise level as smaller sister machines
  • Separate electrical cabinet with the control panel allowing variable installation options
  • Integration of communication protocols (ProfiNET, EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP and Powerlink)
  • Remote monitoring and remote software updates
  • Compact dimensions in relation to provided refrigeration capacity

MIRAI Cold 80 T (C/W/T) is ideal for any demanding ULT application that necessitates a high cooling capacity and provides unmatched performance while remaining environmentally friendly.

For additional information, please contact MIRAI INTEX at sales@mirai-intex.com.

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