Transportation of COVID-19 Vaccines – Cool Chain Logistics Video

Cool Chain Logistics has been entrusted with the responsibility of transporting COVID-19 vaccines. Cool Chain’s temperature-controlled transport solutions, coupled with unique technology, alongside their comprehensive logistics service, have been instrumental in gaining the confidence of pharmaceutical companies and institutions.

Transportation of COVID-19 Vaccines

Logistics solutions in the pharmaceutical sector are particularly critical due to the sensitive nature of the products being transported. For instance, vaccines, including those for COVID-19, often have strict temperature and environmental requirements. Maintaining specific temperature ranges during transit is vital to preserving the vaccines’ efficacy. Any deviation from the recommended conditions could compromise the product, rendering it ineffective or even harmful.

Cool Chain Logistics is a trusted partner for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, for the transportation of vaccines and other temperature-sensitive medications and biologicals. Cool Chain’s logistics solutions cover the full range of temperature needs within the pharmaceutical cold chain, extending from extremely low frozen temperatures (-80ºC/-20ºC) to refrigerated conditions (+2ºC/+8ºC), and encompassing ambient temperature settings (+15ºC/+25ºC).

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