Continuous Tablet Coating Machine for Solid Dosage Production

L.B. Bohle’s cutting-edge semi-continuous tablet coating machine for solid dosage production enables pharma companies to explore the benefits of continuous manufacturing and improve product quality, shorten process times and increase profitability.

The first semi-continuous tablet coating machine for solid dosage production

The very first semi-continuous tablet coating machine for the pharma industry was launched by L.B. Bohle in 2011. Based on L.B. Bohle’s proprietary design for tablet coaters, the KOCO® semi-continuous coater is defined by its advanced high throughput capacity.

Seamless transition to continuous manufacturing

Transition to continuous manufacturing has been a prominent subject for pharma companies in recent years. Conventional “batch manufacturing,” is a lengthy, multi-step process, whilst modern-day continuous manufacturing offers a much faster and more efficient process that improves product quality and addresses many of the underlying causes of drug shortages and recalls.

To answer the current needs of pharmaceutical companies, L.B. Bohle has developed a cutting-edge tablet coating machine configured to allow seamless integration of the continuous coating process into existing solid dosage production.

Unique process cycle of the semi-continuous coater for optimal efficiency

Unlike traditional batch coaters, KOCO® permits tablet cores to be fed via the product inlet at the top of the unit. The coated tablets are discharged through a dedicated opening at the front side of the coater. The process control is configured to operate in a cyclical fashion, continuously performing a specified recipe, with each repetition called a cycle.

In contrast to the often ungainly, large-scale equipment used in batch processing, the KOCO® semi-continuous coater, has a small footprint yet large production capacity.

Raman process analytics

The integrated Raman probe allows the operator to identify the end point of the coating process.

Features of the KOCO® Semi-continuous tablet coating machine

KOCO® Semi-continuous tablet Coating machine
KOCO® Semi-continuous Coater

The KOCO® semi-continuous tablet coating machines benefit from a number of integrated innovative new-gen technologies ensuring:

  • Production capacity: 5-25 kg/h (KOCO® 25)
  • Batch size from 7 to 20 litres (KOCO® 25)
  • High mobility
  • Secured scale-up
  • Small footprint
  • Seamless integration
  • Spray arm with 6 nozzles
  • Patented helical baffles
  • Separate feeding and discharging for quick product change

KOCO® Semi-continuous Coater System Variations

The KOCO® Semi-continuous Coater are available in different sizes and technical designs including:

  • KOCO® 25
  • KOCO® 50
  • KOCO® 100
  • KOCO® 200

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