Caco-2 and HT-29 Co-culture Intestinal Absorption Cell-based Plates

The Caco-2 and HT-29 Co-culture Intestinal Absorption cell-based plates are a ready-to-use in vitro cell-based model for intestinal absorption evaluation of drug targets.

The CacoGoblet in vitro cell-based model consists of 24-well permeable supports seeded with 21-day differentiated Caco-2 and human goblet cells on polycarbonate microporous filters, a cutting-edge mucus-secreting concept for intestinal absorption evaluation. The Caco-2 and HT-29 co-culture closely mimics the physiological nuances of the intestinal epithelium, presenting researchers with a more accurate and holistic model for their drug discovery and development research.

Pre-plated Caco-2 and HT-29 Co-culture for In Vitro Intestinal Absorption Evaluation of Drug Targets

ReadyCell’s Caco-2 and HT-29 Co-culture Intestinal Absorption cell-based plate represents an innovative, ready-to-use in vitro cell-based model, providing researchers with an efficient and cost-effective tool for early-stage drug discovery and development.

CacoGoblet is a flexible and user-friendly system that can measure drug permeability, carrier-mediated transport mechanisms, and anti-inflammatory effects using a pre-plated co-culture of absorptive and goblet cells. Using a co-culture of Caco-2 and HT-29 cells that have been differentiated and polarized for 21 days, the CacoGoblet mimics the absorptive and mucus-producing properties of the intestinal barrier. This unique system allows the assessment of the in vitro permeability of novel drug candidates, as well as the evaluation of their anti-inflammatory potential by measuring the response to inflammatory stimuli.

Convenient and Economical In Vitro Caco-2 and HT-29 Cell-based Plates

The Caco-2 and HT-29 Co-culture Intestinal Absorption cell-based plate is a convenient and economical tool for preclinical studies and early-stage drug discovery, as it allows the use of plates up to 5 days after the optimal cell barrier differentiation at day 21.

The pre-plated CacoGoblet kit eliminates the need for in-house cell line development or cell purchase and propagation. This strategic design not only saves valuable time but also conserves precious resources for permeability and transport experiments. ReadyCell’s cell plates incorporate a unique trademarked gel-like substance, allowing cells to be shipped at room temperature while preserving their quality and function. This innovation minimises errors during handling and storage, contributing to the acceleration and optimisation of results in experiments.

The Novel Mucus-secreting Concept for Assessment of Intestinal Drug Absorption

The innovative method for evaluating the intestinal absorption of drugs using a co-culture of Caco-2 and goblet cells offers a significant advantage for researchers. The mucus-secreting concept of CacoGoblet mimics the physiological conditions of the intestinal barrier, which consists of absorptive and mucus-secreting cells. This makes the Caco-2 and HT-29 Co-culture model results more relevant and reliable than using only Caco-2 cells, which do not produce mucus.

It provides a more realistic model of the intestinal barrier, as the mucus layer affects the drug permeability and bioavailability. The mucus layer can also protect the intestinal cells from damage and infection. It also allows the study of the interactions between drugs and mucus components, such as mucins, glycoproteins, and lipids. These interactions can influence the drug solubility, stability, and diffusion rate. Moreover, it enables the assessment of the effects of drugs on mucus production and secretion, as well as mucus rheology and viscosity. These effects can have implications on drug delivery and retention in the intestine.

The close mirroring of the morphological and functional properties of the in vivo intestinal barrier makes ReadyCell’s unique Caco-2 and HT-29 Co-culture Intestinal Absorption Assay Kit an indispensable tool for drug discovery research.

A Flexible, Versatile, and Comprehensive In Vitro Research Tool

CacoGoblet, is a versatile tool with distinctive capabilities tailored to advance several research endeavours including:

Drug Permeability Evaluation

CacoGoblet serves as a pioneer in drug permeability evaluation, allowing the assessment of drug permeability through both passive diffusion and active transport mechanisms. The physiologically relevant barrier created by the co-culture facilitates accurate simulations of drug transport across Caco-2 and HT-29 cells.

Investigating Carrier-mediated Transport Mechanisms

Researchers can delve into the intricate world of carrier-mediated transport mechanisms using CacoGoblet. This advanced model provides a unique opportunity to study the processes involved in drug absorption and transport, contributing to a deeper understanding of drug behaviour.

Anti-Inflammatory Drug Testing

CacoGoblet stands as a valuable tool for evaluating the effects of anti-inflammatory drugs. The co-cultured Caco-2 and HT-29 cells, mimicking the intestinal barrier, offer a robust platform for assessing the efficacy of anti-inflammatory drugs and gaining insights into their potential impact.

Features & Benefits of the Caco-2 and HT-29 Co-culture Intestinal Absorption Cell-based Plates

The CacoGoblet (Caco-2 and HT-29 Co-culture Intestinal Absorption Cell-based Plates) consists of 24-well permeable supports seeded with differentiated polarised Caco-2 and human goblet cells on polycarbonate microporous filters.
  • Ready-to-use
  • Pre-plated with Caco-2 and HT-29 cells
  • Mucus-secreting concept mimics physiological intestinal absorption
  • Versatile cell-based model for a number of applications
  • 24-well format plates, either as full plate transwells or individual transwells
  • High reproducibility
  • User-friendly and easy-handling system
  • Adaptable to automation
  • Available on demand
  • Transported in a patented shipping medium that ensures cell viability even at room temperature

CacoGoblet Delivery Information

  • Manufacturing Time: Manufacturing begins the week after the order is placed and takes 3 weeks to produce.
  • Packaging and Preparation: Orders are packaged and prepared for shipment on Monday/Tuesday; a confirmation email is included once the product is sent.
  • Delivery Time: Orders are delivered between Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Global Reach: Shipment within the EU typically takes 24-48 hours, while outside the EU, delivery typically takes 48-96 hours, ensuring swift global reach for researchers worldwide.

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