Biosynth Expands Peptide Business Through Acquisition of Cambridge Research Biochemicals

Biosynth, a leading supplier of critical raw materials to the life science industry, is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of Cambridge Research Biochemicals (“CRB”). CRB is a renowned independent producer specializing in custom-made peptide and antibody tools, serving researchers across pharmaceutical, life science, and academic sectors worldwide. This strategic move announced in May solidifies Biosynth’s commitment to enhancing its peptide division while expanding its presence in the UK and European markets.

Cambridge Research Biochemicals, headquartered in the UK, is known for its exceptional capabilities in producing tailored peptides and antibodies, serving researchers across pharmaceutical, life science, and academic sectors on a global scale. This acquisition bolsters Biosynth’s existing operations in the United States and the Netherlands, further elevating their prowess in the field of complex peptide chemistry and specialized fluorescent dye labeling. Additionally, CRB’s inclusion brings an enhanced capacity for crafting customized antibodies in Europe, supporting customers in the generation of distinctive, intricate, and innovative mono- and poly-clonal antibodies that are not readily available in catalogs.

Dr. Urs Spitz, CEO and President of Biosynth, said:

“CRB has a long history in the peptide and antibody field, and we are excited to welcome their highly skilled team to our growing peptide division. Having a network of peptide sites at key locations, staffed by industry experts, allows us to best serve our customers throughout research and development and with the most complex and labelled peptides and high quality antibodies.”

Emily Humphrys, Managing Director of Cambridge Research Biochemicals commented:

“We are excited to be joining the Biosynth family. As one of the longest established peptide companies, we have over 40 years of experience and are proud to have a strong track record for peptide and antibody excellence with our customers. We see great similarities in the approach that Biosynth already take in leading with science and customer focus.”

Biosynth, renowned for securing life science supply chains, is at the forefront of innovation. With an expansive research product portfolio and end-to-end manufacturing services, the company provides indispensable support to the pharmaceutical, life science, and diagnostic sectors. The acquisition of CRB adds to Biosynth’s already advanced capabilities in Complex Chemicals, Peptides, and Key Biologics, strengthening their position as a trusted and versatile CDMO partner.

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About Biosynth

Biosynth stands as a pivotal supplier of critical materials, ensuring the integrity of life science supply chains through its global research, manufacturing, and distribution facilities. Catering to the pharmaceutical, life science, and diagnostic sectors, Biosynth operates at the intersection of Chemistry and Biology, where Products meet Services and Innovation meets Quality. With an unparalleled research product portfolio boasting over a million products, and a spectrum of end-to-end manufacturing services, Biosynth excels in Complex Chemicals, Peptides, and Key Biologics, establishing itself as a comprehensive and reliable partner. Headquartered in Staad, Switzerland, Biosynth’s ownership includes entities such as KKR, Ampersand Capital Partners, and management.

About Cambridge Research Biochemicals

Cambridge Research Biochemicals is a leading producer of tailored peptide and antibody tools, catering to researchers within the global pharmaceutical, life science, and academic sectors. Their products serve as custom-made, laboratory-scale reagents essential for early-phase drug discovery studies and biomarker programs in clinical research. The company offers an array of peptides, from simple to modified, stable to radio-labeled, and dye-labeled, ranging from milligrams to gram-scale with exceptional purity. CRB’s expertise extends to generating highly targeted antibodies, both polyclonal and monoclonal, with a distinct focus on fluorescent dye labeling.