L.B. Bohle Nominated for German Design Award

Upcoming Design Award Recognition for L.B. Bohle’s Latest Machine Generation

The unveiling of L.B. Bohle’s latest machine generation at the Interpack trade fair earlier this year was met with resounding enthusiasm. Now, the leadership of the medium-sized technology company has received exciting news: all three new products have been selected as nominees for a prestigious design award.

Managing Director Thorsten Wesselmann recalled:

“At Interpack, we launched our new machine generation with the BFC tablet coater, the BRC dry granulator and the QbCon 1, a continuous granulator and dryer for research and development. Our new machines have not only been technically optimized but have also been redesigned in a groundbreaking industrial design.”

Collaborating with industrial designers, the machines underwent a comprehensive redesign process. The exterior aesthetics now feature expansive glass surfaces and foil elements, elevating their visual appeal. This redesign also led to improvements in user-friendliness and safety.

L.B. Bohle presented its new generation of machines
L.B. Bohle Executive Diectors Tim Remmert (l.) and Thorsten Wesselmann (3 from right) with (f.l.t.r.) Gero Stüve, Marco Niemann (both Rottendorf Pharma), Thorsten Helm, Daniel Fichte (both CAE Innovative Design) at the launch of the BFC 400 tablet coater. (Image Credit: L.B. Bohle)

Wesselmann also added:

“We are proud to say that our machines now stand out from the competition in terms of their appearance. The response so far, often accompanied by astonished looks, has been consistently positive, and we are receiving feedback that the new developments were exactly the right decision.”

The inaugural unit of the new BFC tablet coater series is presently in the process of installation at Rottendorf Pharma in Ennigerloh, Germany. As this installation progresses, L.B. Bohle is poised with anticipation for potential recognition with the forthcoming Design Award.

For more information about L.B. Bohle and their cutting-edge machine generation, please visit www.lbbohle.com.