Biosynth Carbosynth, Vivitide, and Pepscan Unify Under Biosynth Brand

Biosynth Carbosynth, Vivitide, and Pepscan are delighted to announce their new brand identity as Biosynth, in alignment with their parent group organisation, and the launch of their new website,

Biosynth provides essential products and services to the life sciences sector worldwide, specialising in complex chemicals, premium peptides, and key biological reagents. With an extensive research product range of over 1 Million cataloged items spanning through all three sectors, Biosynth collaborates with clients from conception to final product, encompassing research, development, and commercial supply of key materials.

The new branding elicits the exceptional amalgamation that Biosynth provides, where Products meet Services, and where Chemistry meets Biology, positioning Biosynth at the “The Edge of Innovation.”

Dr. Urs Spitz, CEO and President of Biosynth, said:

“We are thrilled to be unveiling our new Biosynth brand today, and to be formally integrating Pepscan and vivitide into the organization. We have long been the go to provider of complex chemicals across carbohydrates, nucleoside, enzyme substrates and beyond, and now have such breadth across peptides. We knew it was the right time to bring us all together so our customers can go to one place for all their needs.”

About Biosynth

Biosynth is a company that provides essential materials to sustain life sciences supply chains with global research, production, and distribution facilities. Its customers include the pharmaceutical, life science, and diagnostic sectors, and the company’s strength lies in merging Chemistry with Biology and offering a combination of Products and Services, resulting in Innovation and Quality. With an unparalleled R&D product range and fully comprehensive manufacturing services, Biosynth is a trusted partner for Complex Chemicals, Peptides, and Key Biologics. The company’s headquarters are located in Staad, Switzerland, and it is owned by KKR, Ampersand Capital Partners, and management.

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