SenseAnywhere to solve Europe’s COVID-19 vaccine supply chain challenge

Dutch data logger manufacturer, SenseAnywhere, offers a simple solution to overcome the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain challenge.

The company has provided fully automated temperature monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical industry supply chain for many years. Now, SenseAnywhere has engineered a solution to solve the biggest challenge the European pharmaceutical supply chain has been faced with in decades – ensuring safe distribution and storage of COVID-19 vaccines across the continent.

By utilising a combination of the companies AiroSensor data loggers and Pt100 smart probes pharmaceutical logistics professionals can make sure the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccines are supplied rapidly and safely to European nations.

Uninterpreted COVID-19 vaccine supply chain monitoring

With SenseAnywhere’s (mobile) AccessPoints, which can be fitted in pharmaceutical storage facilities, manufacturing plant warehouses, distribution centers or transportation vehicles, COVID-19 vaccine supply chain monitoring can be done 24/7 in real-time to ensure they are kept at the right temperature conditions. With seamless roaming, the AiroSensor data loggers automatically transmit data to the Cloud when they are within range of a network and continue to collect data even when outside of the networks range, eliminating the need for manual human intervention.

Seamless roaming leaves no room for error in COVID-19 vaccine supply chain monitoring

Temperature data is automatically logged, analysed and stored, without any human intervention. SenseAnywhere has a solution to human error and complexity. If someone forgets to carry out manual handling, there is no problem because the logger always logs. No matter what, you always have the temperatures over a certain period of time. Even if someone forgets to start or stop a transport log. That is no problem. The temperatures are always stored in the Cloud.

Accurate cold chain logistics monitoring

The AiroSensor data loggers comply with the strictest EU regulations for data loggers EN12830:2018 accuracy class 0.2. The measuring equipment has also been calibrated to provide ultra secure and reliable monitoring of temperature-sensitive COVID-19 vaccines. By utilising the AiroSensor data loggers together with the Pt100 smart probes offers the ability to monitor and record data of both ambient temperatures, as well as ultra low temperatures of vaccines, and thereby calculate exactly how long the container will stay within the required limits in its current state.

Easy recalibration without monitoring gaps

The smart Pt100 probes benefit from the attachment of intelligent connectors and therefore enables the sending of the probe for recalibration by itself. By swapping the Pt100 probes with newly calibrated ones to keep a continuous monitoring chain, periodical recalibration is not going to cause any monitoring gaps. Scanning the QR code AssetTags placed on the outside of transport cases allows the immediate capturing of the logger’s data and status on any smart device, including a smartphone.

10-year battery life for a decade of continuous monitoring

The user friendly, reliable and hasslefree AiroSensor data loggers have a battery that can last up to 10 years, enabling continuous maintenance-free monitoring for a decade. SenseAnywhere offers ease of use with a single source of temperature records from production to consumption of the vaccines. The company conforms with the GAMP 5 requirements and the AiroSensor software is compliant with the FDA 21 CFR part 11 regulatory requirements, making it the ideal solution for the pharma industry supply chain.

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