Aalto Bio Reagents and Fitzgerald Industries International Rebrand to Biosynth

Biosynth has unified the supply of critical biological materials for pharma and diagnostics through the successful rebranding of Aalto Bio Reagents and Fitzgerald Industries International to Biosynth.

Biosynth, a leader in the biologics industry, is pleased to announce the rebranding of two key entities within its group: Aalto Bio Reagents and Fitzgerald Industries International. This rebranding initiative follows Biosynth’s successful acquisitions of these entities in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

Aalto Bio Reagents is a leading developer and provider of biological materials to the in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) and vaccine development industry in the field of emerging diseases, the acquisition and rebranding of which represents a further significant milestone in Biosynth’s development broadening its capabilities and offering to the IVD industry. The Fitzgerald Industries International acquisition deal in April this year, extended Biosynth’s product portfolio to 57,000 antigens and antibodies across global biologics offerings.

This strategic branding decision aligns Aalto Bio Reagents and Fitzgerald Industries International with the rest of the Biosynth family, consolidating the Biologics Division under one cohesive brand. This integration aims to simplify the experience for its customers, providing them with easier access to the company’s collective expertise and an extensive range of offerings, including proteins, antigens, antibodies, disease-state human plasma, and biospecimens.

Customers previously associated with Fitzgerald Industries International will be required to update their ordering details and systems to reflect the new Biosynth brand. To assist with this transition, Biosynth has created a dedicated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page, offering comprehensive information for both customer groups. For additional insights on this transition, please consult the Biosynth FAQs page.

The move demonstrates Biosynth’s dedication to expansion and the assurance of secure supply chains for its customers’ crucial biological reagents.

To learn more please visit: www.biosynth.com