EZ‐ZONE® Integrated Multi‐Function Controllers

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When data logging, data storage and communication are vital EZ‐ZONE® Integrated Multi‐Function Controllers offer primary and secondary temperature control with universal inputs, including thermistors.

Universal input integrated multi‐function controllers 

The Watlow product line of EZ‐ ZONE® integrated multi‐function controllers offers temperature, process and machine control, over-and under‐ temperature limit protection, high amps power switching, safety disconnect switches and field communications in a single package. 

Controllers ideal for complex applications such as DNA processing

The EZ‐ZOON is versatile and reliable, providing a range of modular form factors and display models in place of multiple parts. Watlow multi‐function controllers are perfect for use in simple to complex applications, such as DNA processing. 

EZ‐ZONE integrated temperature controllers can be configured with an agency‐approved microprocessor temperature controller and limit in one package. For simple applications requiring one loop of control and one limit loop can be achieved in a package size as small as 1/16 DIN.