Watlow Elevates Pharmaceutical Automation Capabilities with Eurotherm Acquisition

Watlow®, a pioneering industrial thermal systems designer and manufacturer, is elevating its digital transformation of energy management and automation solutions for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries through the acquisition of Eurotherm® from Schneider Electric Company®, completed successfully on October 31, 2022.

Eurotherm, a premier provider of temperature, power, and process control, measurement, and data management equipment, systems, software, and services for global industrial markets, now joins forces with Watlow to unlock a multitude of opportunities for customers worldwide. With over 50 years of expertise in Life Sciences, Eurotherm, now part of Watlow, offers tailored solutions that optimize thermal control, advance automation, streamline operations, and ensure regulatory compliance in the Pharma and Life Sciences industries. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in Watlow’s journey toward expanding its energy management and automation offerings for the global pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors.

Rob Gilmore, Watlow’s CEO, said:

“We are excited about Watlow and Eurotherm and all we will accomplish together. This acquisition aligns with our vision of providing innovative thermal products and technologies that help increase our customers’ competitive advantage. The combination of Watlow and Eurotherm products and technologies will create new global opportunities for our collective customers and allow us to focus our advanced thermal systems in important areas.”

Eurotherm stands as a distinguished provider of temperature, power, and process control, along with measurement and data management equipment, systems, software, and services for industrial markets worldwide. With a workforce of approximately 650 individuals across the globe, Eurotherm’s headquarters reside in Worthing, U.K., while its core manufacturing operations operate out of Ledziny, Poland. Watlow plans to establish Eurotherm’s facilities in Worthing, U.K., and Dardilly, France as Advanced Development Centers, dedicated to electronics and controls product advancement. Additionally, the company intends to invest in Eurotherm’s Polish facility, transforming it into Watlow’s Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Europe. This expanded capacity and enhanced capabilities will also pave the way for growth in other regions, including the Americas and Asia.

The comprehensive suite of control and validation solutions, environmental monitoring systems, data management, acquisition, and control products provided by Eurotherm is now complemented by Watlow’s cutting-edge thermal technologies. This synergy creates scalable solutions that address the evolving needs of customers.

Eurotherm has extensive expertise in solving manufacturing challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry. From small-scale applications to comprehensive plant-wide solutions, Eurotherm’s offerings maximize the value of your plant, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, return on investment. Its expertise in this field includes important aspects such as reducing development costs and time to market to ensure compliance with regulations, improving process efficiency, adapting to patient-centered care, and targeting carbon neutrality.

Eurotherm’s innovative Plug-and-Produce modular solutions streamline data management, generate exception reports, and enhance process development. The digitally engineered solutions follow the Quality Lifecycle, enabling GMP-compliant plants to navigate regulations efficiently. Eurotherm also specializes in improving process efficiency in existing manufacturing plants, helping with validation constraints, and implementing continuous improvement measures. Furthermore, innovative technology supports patient-centric care by enabling quick adaptation to innovative concepts and personalized medicine production.

With Watlow and Eurotherm, you can address your energy management, digitalization, and manufacturing challenges and achieve your goals in the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.