VHP Decontamination Lock

The VHP Decontamination Lock, developed by BLOCK Technology, stands as an innovative breakthrough in providing rapid H₂O₂ decontamination.

The VHP Decontamination Lock represents a cutting-edge solution for ensuring the cleanliness and safety of controlled environments. This material airlock system is designed to facilitate rapid hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) decontamination, making it an invaluable tool for the pharma and biotech industries.

VHP Decontamination Lock

At the core of this system lies an integrated VHP (Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor) generator. This generator employs a patented method for surface sterilization using liquid hydrogen peroxide. It plays a pivotal role in achieving a remarkable 6-log reduction in contaminants, ensuring an exceptional level of cleanliness and safety within the controlled environment.

Decontamination locks are most commonly employed as pass-through units for transferring materials between rooms with differing cleanliness standards, typically falling within Class B and C. This lock ensures that materials are thoroughly decontaminated through surface sterilization before entering the target room, adhering to the strictest hygiene protocols.

Comprehensive Sterilization

Inside the lock, mobile perforated shelves ensure that loaded products are exposed to sterilization agents from all sides. This process operates at normal temperatures (approximately 25 to 30 °C) and normal pressures, minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact.

VHP Decontamination Lock For Diverse Settings

The VHP Decontamination Lock is designed for ease of integration. It can be effortlessly fitted onto the wall that separates individual rooms, providing a versatile solution for diverse settings. This adaptability makes it a suitable choice for pharmaceutical cleanrooms, biotech laboratories, and beyond.

Stringent Compliance

This lock complies with the stringent leak tightness standards outlined in ISO 10648-2. Moreover, it adheres to “B” class cleanliness standards, in accordance with the EU GMP Standard. These certifications affirm its reliability and effectiveness in maintaining a clean and sterile environment.

Advanced Control System

The VHP Decontamination Lock is equipped with an advanced electronic control system, managed by Siemens PLC. This system offers automatic adjustment of basic operating modes, enhancing efficiency and ease of use. The intuitive color touchscreen controls provide real-time monitoring of environmental parameters and emergency statuses.

For added peace of mind, the decontamination cycle can be validated, and data can be recorded on a recording unit, printer, or PC for documentation and compliance purposes.

Robust Construction

Built to withstand rigorous use, the VHP Decontamination Lock features robust construction. The jacket is crafted from stainless steel AISI 304, providing durability and resistance to corrosion. The pass-through chamber is constructed from AISI 316L with a polished surface finish (Ra < 0.6 µm) and rounded corners (R = 55 mm), simplifying cleaning and maintenance.

The VHP Decontamination Lock is designed for optimal cost efficiency, with quick cycle intervals and long operational life, minimizing maintenance demands. Its user-friendly design ensures easy handling and operation in critical environments where safety and cleanliness are paramount.

HEPA Filtration

Inlet and outlet HEPA filtration guarantees that decontaminated air meets the highest cleanliness standards, effectively removing even the tiniest particles.

BLOCK Technology’s VHP Decontamination Lock is a game-changing solution that meets strict cleanliness standards and is adaptable to various environments. Its user-friendly design, long lifespan, and advanced controls ensure efficiency, making it a cost-effective and highly reliable solution for maintaining cleanliness standards in pharmaceutical and biotech settings. The equipment is available in two variants:

  • VHP Decontamination Lock with a closed loop system
  • VHP Decontamination Lock with an open loop system

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