The Eco-Friendly Choice for Temperature-Controlled Transportation: Thomaidis ULT Truck with MIRAI Cold Machine

The leading manufacturer of eco-friendly ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems, MIRAI INTEX, and pharmaceutical transportation experts, Gebr. Thomaidis, are thrilled to announce a new joint project to all professionals in the transportation and pharmaceutical industries: the Thomaidis ULT Truck with integrated MIRAI Cold Machine.

As the demand for temperature-controlled transportation rises across various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and chemicals, the need for a dependable and environmentally friendly solution becomes crucial. This is where MIRAI INTEX steps in.
The advanced air cycle technology developed by MIRAI has been installed on a semi-trailer for the transportation of goods at low and ultra-low temperatures ranging from -40 to -110 degrees Celsius.

The use of natural air as a refrigerant not only guarantees compliance with all international standards and regulations but also provides an environmentally friendly option. As concerns about the depletion of the ozone layer and the contribution of fluorinated gases to global warming continue to grow, the Thomaidis ULT Truck with MIRAI Cold machine offers a sustainable solution for pharmaceutical and other highly regulated businesses.

The leading option for temperature-controlled transportation

Moreover, the system offers several features that make it a leading option for temperature-controlled transportation. Its oil-free design, which includes air bearings, eliminates the requirement for intricate oil management and minimizes maintenance demands. Its capability to handle stable loads on the power grid and cooling water ensure reliability even in the most challenging conditions. Furthermore, with no danger of refrigerant leakage or fire, or explosion, the air cycle refrigeration system ensures the safety of your business.

That’s not all! The MIRAI Cold refrigeration machine also delivers a cost-cutting operation, consuming up to 30% less energy than traditional vapor compression systems. Moreover, its robust design guarantees a long lifespan and can significantly minimisie maintenance and replacement costs in the long term.

With its broad expertise in numerous fields such as pharmaceutical, biomedical and food storage, climate testing, and chemical process cooling, MIRAI has been able to create tailored solutions for its partners. MIRAI provided a comprehensive range of services, from product selection to production capabilities, to cater to the unique requirements of businesses.

MIRAI INTEX is dedicated to providing the refrigeration industry with sustainable, green technology that minimizes the impact on the environment. Its revolutionary air cycle technology helps bring production processes to an environmentally friendly level. So why delay? By upgrading your temperature-controlled transportation with the Thomaidis ULT Truck with MIRAI Cold machine you can join the fight against climate change.

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