MDCKII Cell-based Plates for In Vitro Drug-transporter Studies

ReadyCell has developed an advanced range of MDCKII Cell-based Plates for In Vitro Drug-transporter Studies in preclinical testing and drug discovery.

PreadyPort is a comprehensive tool of ready-to-use in vitro cell-based models based on the Madin Darby Canine Kidney Type II (MDCKII) cell line. These pre-plated kits are versatile for studying efflux drug-transporter interactions. The PreadyPort-WT, PreadyPort-MDR1, and PreadyPort-BCRP subproducts of the PreadyPort line are developed to cater to different research needs.

Advanced MDCKII Cell-based Plates for In Vitro Drug-transporter Studies

The MDCKII Cell-based Plates for In Vitro Drug-transporter Studies branded as the PreadyPort line is meticulously designed to provide researchers in drug discovery with fast, reliable and highly reproducible results and insights into efflux drug-transporter interactions. These pre-developed MDCKII cell-based models are assay-ready, delivered on ready-to-use transwell plates and cater to the intricate requirements of studying drug permeability and transport mechanisms across physiological barriers.

PreadyPort WT: A Valuable Tool for Studying Drug Transport Across the BBB

PreadyPort WT encompasses a 24- or 96-transwell insert plate featuring the 12-day differentiated MDCKII parental cell line. The parental MDCKII cell line is a reference model for evaluating the passive diffusion of orally administered drugs. Engineered with a focus on drug permeability assays, particularly emphasizing passive diffusion, this model serves as a valuable tool for investigating the active transport of drugs, especially those crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB). Furthermore, it also acts as an essential negative control for the PreadyPort variants overexpressing MDR1 and BCRP efflux transporters.

PreadyPort MDR1: A Critical Platform to Investigate MDR1 Transporter-based Drug-Drug Interactions

PreadyPort MDR1 is tailored for the study of drug-transporter interactions involving the MDR1 or P-gp efflux transporter, which is a protein that pumps drugs out of cells. The MDR1 transporter is important for drug absorption in the intestine, drug excretion in the bile and urine, and the entry of active molecules into the central nervous system. Cultivated with 12-day differentiated MDR1-overexpressing MDCKII cells, this model offers researchers a reliable platform to investigate MDR1 transporter-based drug-drug interactions, assess drug permeability through passive diffusion, and study the interplay between drugs and the MDR1 transporter, especially concerning their transit across the BBB.

PreadyPort BCRP: Key for Probing Drug-transporter Interactions Involving the BCRP Efflux Transporter

PreadyPort BCRP is a specialised model that consists of 24- or 96-transwell insert plates containing 12-day differentiated BCRP-overexpressing MDCKII cells. Specifically tailored for investigating drug-transporter interactions involving the BCRP efflux transporter, this pre-developed model offers unique capabilities. BCRP, characterised by its high-capacity efflux transport and wide substrate specificity, is situated in the apical cell membrane of barrier tissues and excretory organs. The plate facilitates the assessment of BCRP substrates, inhibitors, and inducers, as well as the exploration of BCRP transporter-mediated drug-drug interactions. Additionally, it enables the examination of drug permeability through passive diffusion. Researchers employing PreadyPort BCRP gain valuable insights into the dynamic interplay between drugs and the BCRP transporter, furnishing crucial information for the refinement and development of pharmaceuticals.

Cutting-Edge Tools: Pre-assembled MDCKII Cell-based Plates for In Vitro Drug-transporter Studies

The PreadyPort in vitro assay kits can save time, money, and resources by providing ready-made pre-plated cell lines for drug permeability studies. Cell line development can be a long and expensive process that involves selecting, isolating, and characterising cells with specific properties. PreadyPort kits skip this step entirely and offer validated and optimized cell lines for drug-barrier interactions.

All PreadyPort models are available in both 24-well and 96-well transwell formats, utilizing Corning plates to ensure consistency and reliability. Customisation options, such as a 1:1 WT/MDR1 or 1:1 WT/BCRP configuration, allow researchers to tailor their models to specific research demands. Shipping promptly within one or two weeks after the order is received, researchers can strategically plan their orders and consult with ReadyCell experts for assay calendaring guidance. Thanks to ReadyCell’s proprietary technology the PreadyPort cell-based assay kits are delivered at room temperature in a semisolid non-toxic shipping medium, which ensures the integrity and functionality of cells during long-distance shipments.

The cutting-edge pre-assembled MDCKII Cell-based Plates for In Vitro Drug-transporter Studies have become an indispensable toolset for researchers engaged in drug discovery. These advanced in vitro cell-based models provide an ideal assay-ready platform to explore drug transport mechanisms, offering a depth of understanding crucial for optimising drug development strategies.

Features & Benefits of the MDCKII Cell-based Plates

ReadyCell's Caco-2 permeability assay
The cutting-edge PreadyPort line of Pre-plated MDCKII Cell-based Models revolutionises Drug-transporter Studies
  • Ready-to-use
  • Pre-plated with MDCKII cell Kits
  • PreadyPort-WT, PreadyPort-MDR1, and PreadyPort-BCRP cell-based models
  • 24-well and 96-well transwell formats
  • Customisation options, such as a 1:1 WT/MDR1 or 1:1 WT/BCRP configuration
  • High reproducibility
  • User-friendly and easy-handling system
  • Adaptable to automation
  • Available on demand
  • Transported in a patented shipping medium that ensures cell viability at room temperature
  • Worldwide delivery

PreadyPort Delivery Information

  • Timely Shipping: Orders are shipped promptly within one or two weeks after placement, allowing researchers to strategically plan their procurement.
  • Packaging and Preparation: Orders are packaged and prepared for shipment on Monday/Tuesday; a confirmation email is included once the product is sent. Shipped utilising proprietary non-toxic shipping medium, for delivery at room temperature.
  • Consultation with Experts: Researchers have the opportunity to consult with ReadyCell experts for guidance on customisation options, assay calendaring, and optimising their experimental timelines.
  • Global Reach: Shipment within the EU typically takes 24-48 hours, while outside the EU, delivery typically takes 48-96 hours, ensuring swift global reach for researchers worldwide.

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