L.B. Bohle LLC to Exhibit at INTERPHEX 2023 in NYC

L.B. Bohle, the leading innovative technology company specialising in designing and implementing machines and processes for the production of pharmaceutical solids will be returning to the renowned INTERPHEX pharma expo in New York City, held on April 25 – 27, 2023, to showcase significant advances in solid dose manufacturing.

Visitors can find L.B. Bohle LLC at Booth 1101 at the Javits Center in New York City, where they will exhibit two state-of-the-art machines.

QbCon® 1: Unique Truly Continuous Granulator and Dryer  

At INTERPHEX, the L.B. Bohle team will present the QbCon®, a unique and truly continuous wet granulator and fluid bed dryer for R&D. This system is the ideal entry-level option for Continuous Manufacturing (CM) offering improved product quality, increased flexibility, and operator safety.  In addition, the use of process analytics reduces resource consumption and shortens development times.

Unlike competing systems, the QbCon® 1 ensures a permanent, truly continuous process without the formation of sub-batches and blocked filters.

continuous granulator and dryer
The QbCon® 1: Unique truly continuous granulator and dryer   (Image Credits: L.B. Bohle)

Used BFC 50 TriPan Tablet Coater Available on Special Offer

At the event, L.B. Bohle will also present a used BFC 50 TriPan tablet coater, which is a flexible coating system that can operate with three pans. The BFC 50 will be on special offer with short delivery time and a reduced price. A full factory warranty is included.

This 2016 model is in perfect condition with only about 150 hours of use and comes prepared for high containment. Batch sizes from seven to 75 liters can be achieved by utilising different pans. The Bohle BFC coaters guarantee first-class product processing and exceptional economic efficiency.

VR Presentation: Continuous Manufacturing Technologies and Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Apart from showcasing these two machine highlights, the Bohle team is set to share the most up-to-date advancements in their continuous manufacturing technologies.

They will also provide details on the company’s broad range of products including weighing, dry and wet granulation, sifting and milling, tablet coating, and product handling using augmented reality technologies and 3D models.

Development Center for Trials and Process Optimisation

L.B Bohle’s team will also promote the work of the state-of-the-art U.S. Service Center in Warminster, PA, where customers can test or optimise all steps in the tablet manufacturing process.

The center provides pharmaceutical, chemical and nutraceutical professionals with an enhanced environment for testing and technical training, process development and optimization, and hands-on seminars.

The U.S. Service Center is equipped with a wide range of cutting-edge machines, including a BRC dry granulation system, a QbCon 1 twin-screw granulation and truly continuous drying system, BFC 5 and BTC 100 lab and tablet coaters, a BTS 200 conical sieve, a BTM 150 hammer mill, LM 40 and PM 400 mixers, and a semi-automatic IBC cleaning system.

L.B. Bohle’s team looks forward to welcoming you at Booth 1101.