Adjuvant auxiliary drug carrier immunoadjuvant, Potent Immunological Adjuvants, sterile emulsion containing non-hazardous immune-active components balanced to give maximum effect.

GERBU adjuvants

GERBU adjuvants are animal-friendly and a powerful potentiator of cellular and humoral immune response with a long-term protecting effect. Very stable and biocompatible. Just mix with an antigen and inject. Drastically improves the yield of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.

Ready to use Adjuvants

GERBU offers ready-to-use Adjuvants FAMATM, MMTM, PTM (complete adjuvants with bacterial cell wall peptide GMDP), PLUSTM; STM (Used for the production of polyclonal antibodies. does not contain GMDP) with immunomodulators, mainly GMDP, in an all-in-water emulsion.

GERBU recently launched Adjuvant PLUS, which is a combined system for optimum results and lowest price, based on the combination of Adjuvant P and boost with Adjuvant S (the “incomplete” version of Adjuvant P).

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