Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Particle Size Analyzer

The cutting-edge Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Particle Size Analyzer is a powerful benchtop device that enables precise particle size determination in plates with unmatched small sample volumes.

Developed by leading DLS technology experts Xtal Concepts, the SpectroLight 600/610 provides highly accurate and advanced insights into particle behaviour and characteristics, revolutionising scientific and pharmaceutical research methodologies.

Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Particle Size Analyzer

The SpectroLight 600/610 is a groundbreaking fully automated Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Particle Size Analyzer. This compact yet powerful DLS benchtop device can analyse all particle sizes, covering the entire particle size spectrum in biochemistry.

With its innovative in situ or ‘in plate’ DLS technology, the SpectroLight 600/610 enables unrivalled ultra-precise particle size determination even in minuscule sample volumes. Previously unfeasible small sample volumes can now be analysed to detect even the smallest changes in particle sizes, providing crucial insights to optimising drug formulations, gene therapy, and vaccine development.

The advanced SpectroLight 600/610 Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Particle Size Analyzer has transformed particle size determination from a time-consuming and often tedious process into a rapid, highly reliable, and efficient means of assessing sample quality.

Groundbreaking in situ DLS Technology

Their innovative in situ or ‘in plate’ DLS technology allows for precise particle size determination even in minuscule sample volumes, previously deemed unachievable.

Xtal’s game-changing in situ DLS particle size analyzer provides the most time and sample-efficient high-throughput method for particle size characterisation, facilitating the retrieval of particle size data from numerous sub-µl samples in a single run and eliminating the necessity for sample preparation. The DLS instrument also sets a new benchmark for seamless workflow integration and versatility. With its modular design and fully integrated microscope, this DLS particle size analyzer’s capabilities extend across a broad spectrum of laboratory needs, from assessing sample quality and stability to conducting comprehensive buffer screening, marking it as an indispensable tool for various research applications.

Particle size determination by in plate DLS also stands out for its delivery of fast, accurate and exceptionally reproducible results. Measurements taken using the SpectroLight 600/610 Particle Size Analyzer exhibit a minimal deviation of only ±2%, fulfilling the ISO 22412:2017 standard and underscoring the reliability and reproducibility of experiments. This level of accuracy ensures that results are dependable and can be replicated, crucial for scientific validation and subsequent applications in drug discovery.

in situ DLS Enables Unmatched Small Sample Volume Analysis

An essential aspect of sample efficiency lies in the capacity to conduct measurements using minimal volumes. The cutting-edge in situ DLS technique allows for the ultra-precise measurement of particle sizes within incredibly small sample volumes, as minute as 0.08 µl to 1 µl. Such precision is unparalleled in particle sizing, providing researchers with a powerful tool for highly detailed analysis of the behaviour of nanoparticles, small organic molecules, proteins, virus particles, or colloidal systems, opening new research realms for breakthrough discoveries.

Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Particle Size analysis range

For example, in situ DLS technology offers a powerful method for analysing the behaviour of adenoviral vectors, which are commonly sized within the range of 0.08 µm – 0.11µm. Adenoviral vectors hold immense promise for advancing gene therapies and vaccine development. With the SpectroLight 600/610 researchers can perform accurate purity and stability analysis and size distribution comparison of adenoviral mRNA vectors. Determining their structural components, assembly dynamics, or size distribution in their functionality is crucial for advancing gene therapies and vaccine development.

Easy in situ Dynamic Light Scattering Workflow Integration

The SpectroLight 600/610 device is fully compatible with standard SBS 96-well plates and various other disposable standard plates. This provides easy and hassle-free workflow integration into existing laboratory setups. Researchers can enjoy the flexibility of utilising their preferred sample formats without using additional cuvettes, specialised consumables, or cleaning.

With innovative 3D positioning technology, the system enables precise positioning within the sample, enabling access even to inhomogeneous samples. Fully automated screening can be set up for numerous conditions including pH, detergents and buffers. With the option to use a minimal sample volume of only 9.6 µl, researchers can gain information about their sample’s status across a full plate with 96 conditions. The cutting-edge design of the particle analyzer allows automated repeatable positioning of plates so they can be reused over several weeks to measure and verify the stability of samples. As well as enhancing convenience and workflow speed this feature also reinforces the reproducibility of results.

DLS Particle Size Analyzer with Integrated Microscope

The SpectroLight 600/610 is an exceptionally versatile device and besides advanced DLS technology, it also incorporates a fully integrated laboratory microscope. This empowers researchers to inspect samples visually and detect colloidal or solid impurities to improve sample quality assessment. Additionally, the optional UV imaging upgrade with Xtal’s UV-Light source XtL100 device allows fast and accurate crystal identification.

The versatile DLS particle size analyzer proves invaluable across a multitude of laboratory applications, ranging from sample quality or stability analysis, buffer screening, monodispersity determination, and workflow monitoring. Its significance extends beyond particle characterisation, paving the way to the future of decision-making, data quality, cutting-edge research, and drug development cycles.

SpectroLight 600/610 Device Features

DLS Particle Size Analyzer
The SpectroLight 600/610 Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Particle Size Analyzer
  • Powerful in situ DLS benchtop device
  • Ultra-precise particle size determination
  • Minimal sample volume – 500nl or less
  • Standard plates as sample carriers
  • No need for special consumables
  • No cleaning required
  • 3D positioning within the sample
  • Easy automated conditions screening (pH, detergents, buffer, B22 and kD)
  • Automated plate scanning mode
  • Continuous long-term measurements through through automated repeatable positioning
  • Fully integrated laboratory microscope
  • Optional UV imaging for rapid crystal identification